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The skin on our bodies is vulnerable to countless elements as it is the most exposed part. The intense tropical heat, clogged pores that result in acne, environmental stresses, and aggressive hair removal treatments are all to blame. These factors stimulate the pigment-forming cells in our skin, resulting in hyperpigmentation.

Discolorations, dark spots, tan lines, and uneven skin tone are all symptoms of hyperpigmentation. Hence, you have to use a soap or body wash specifically formulated to even out skin tones. You can look out for ingredients such as kojic acid, niacinamide, or Shea butter as they are effective in treating skin discolorations.

In this article, I will show you the best hyperpigmentation body washes and soaps in the market. Moreover, I will give you some guidelines on how you can find the best one for your needs.

Koji White Pure Kojic Acid Skin Brightening Soap
Koji White Pure Kojic Acid Skin Brightening Soap
  • Contains hyaluronic acid
  • Perfect for dry skin
  • Contains propylene glycol
  • Evens out dark spots
  • Citrus aroma
Marie France Skin and Body Care Pure Kojic Acid Soap
Marie France Skin and Body Care Pure Kojic Acid Soap
  • Treats uneven skin tone
  • Penetrates deeply into the skin
  • Inhibits melanin overproduction
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
Aspen Kay Naturals Turmeric Soap
Aspen Kay Naturals Turmeric Soap
  • Abundant turmeric properties
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Clears acne
  • Contains botanical oils
  • Ideal for dry skin
Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap
Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap
  • Powerful exfoliator
  • Contains papaya and grapefruit
  • Has ginseng and linden
  • Alleviates acne
  • No chemicals
  • All-natural
  • Contains Camwood ash
  • Reduces acne scars
  • Hydrating
  • Quickly treats hyperpigmentation
GranNaturals African Black Soap
GranNaturals African Black Soap
  • Contains ash
  • Contains plantain peel
  • Abundant Shea butter
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Fragrance-free
Fair & White Exclusive Exfoliating Soap
Fair & White Exclusive Exfoliating Soap
  • Contains apricot seed powder
  • Has Vitamin E and Vitamin C
  • Includes glycerin
  • Moisturizing
  • Smooth buttery lather
Makari Classic Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap
Makari Classic Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap
  • Has apricot seeds
  • Infused with botanical oils
  • Hydrating
  • Removes skin impurities
  • Antioxidant-rich
Makari Classic Luxurious Exfoliating Body Wash
Makari Classic Luxurious Exfoliating Body Wash
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera
  • Has mulberry root extract
  • Restores skin’s moisture balance
  • Contains cocoa butter and macadamia oil
  • Good for dry skin
Organic Turmeric Soap Bar
Organic Turmeric Soap Bar
  • Very gentle
  • Does not cause skin dryness
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Contains Aloe Vera
  • Infused with organic oils

1. Marie France Skin and Body Care Pure Kojic Acid Soap

Marie France Skin and Body Care Pure Kojic Acid Soap
  • Effectively treats uneven skin tone
  • Infused with purely organic ingredients
  • Does not contain chemicals
  • Free of artificial ingredients that might cause skin problems
  • Cruelty-free
  • Tends to make your skin dry

This Kojic acid soap by Marie France focuses on treating uneven skin tone. It is formulated particularly to address dark spots induced by acne scars, UV exposure, and hyperpigmentation. I believe applying this soap routinely to your body will lead to even, radiant, youthful, and glowing skin.

Even if you have discoloration on your body or face, the organic Kojic acid in this soap will permeate deeply into your skin to address the excessive production of melanin. Kojic acid is an organic compound derived from fermented rice wine. Lots of users, including me, find this soap very reliable in dealing with hyperpigmentation.

Furthermore, this kojic acid soap is made entirely of natural ingredients. It is free of parabens, unnatural fragrances, mineral oils, and other artificial ingredients that can trigger skin discomfort, pimples, inflammation, and irritation. Plus, it is cruelty-free.

On the contrary, since this soap uses Kojic acid as its main ingredient, it might sometimes cause your skin to become dry. It may be a good idea to apply an organic and moisturizing cream or lotion to your body after taking a bath.

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2. Koji White Pure Kojic Acid Skin Brightening Soap

Koji White Pure Kojic Acid Skin Brightening Soap
  • Contains hyaluronic acid
  • Does not make your skin dry
  • Has propylene glycol to retain moisture
  • Evens out hyperpigmented spots
  • Fragrant citrus aroma
  • Small size

Skin dryness and roughness are typical of Kojic acid adverse effects, but with this soap from Koji White, you can experience all of the benefits of kojic acid without any of its downsides.

This soap’s special ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a compound that keeps your skin tissues supple and moisturized. Using a hyaluronic acid-containing soap can be quite useful if your skin is prone to dryness. I highly recommend using this soap if you have dry and sensitive skin.

Aside from that, this soap includes propylene glycol, which is another component that could aid in the retention of moisture in your skin. This Kojic soap effectively lightens dark spots produced by sun exposure or acne scars. It evens out all of the hyperpigmented parts of your skin.

In addition, this soap offers a delightful citrus aroma. Once you start using it, you will notice that it is genuinely delicate on the skin. You can use it multiple times a day without having to fret about your skin becoming dry and upset.

The soap bar, on the other hand, is pretty small. You cannot use it for a long time.

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3. Aspen Kay Naturals Turmeric Soap

Aspen Kay Naturals Turmeric Soap
  • Enriched with abundant turmeric properties
  • Can address a wide variety of skin issues
  • Balances out skin tone and removes tan lines
  • Clears out acne
  • Contains purely natural oils and other organic ingredients
  • Strong turmeric smell

Aspen Kay’s turmeric soap is loaded with a substantial amount of turmeric. It includes not just natural turmeric root powder, but also organic turmeric root extract and pure turmeric oil. This may not be the most visually appealing soap, but it is undeniably powerful against skin imperfections.

Although it does not have a pleasing color and look, it has a promising capability of balancing out your skin tone, removing your tan lines, clearing out acne on both your body and face and keeping your skin hydrated and smooth. If you are constantly dealing with dry skin, I suggest you use this soap.

Moreover, this soap has natural components including organic palm oil, coconut oil, unrefined Shea butter, kaolin clay, as well as other skincare essentials. These natural compounds can treat a wide range of skin concerns such as dark patches and hyperpigmentation.

The only slight drawback is that it has a drastic turmeric scent. You will not be smelling like turmeric the whole day, but it might not be a pleasant aroma whenever you are taking a bath.

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4. Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap

Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap
  • Contains powerful exfoliants that remove dead skin cells
  • Contains papaya and grapefruit
  • Includes ginseng extract, fruit enzymes, and linden
  • Alleviates acne
  • Does not contain gluten and parabens
  • Contains a little amount of sulfate

You can consider applying this mild botanical body wash by Mario Badescu. This hyperpigmentation body soap contains powerful exfoliants that remove dead skin cells. There is no need for abrasive scrubbing when using this product. I recommend using this soap if your skin becomes irritated whenever you scrub it.

Moreover, this botanical body soap for hyperpigmentation contains organic components such as papaya and grapefruit. It is prepared with a revitalizing mixture of fruit enzymes, ginseng extract, and linden to revive skin with each shower and is meant to leave skin feeling completely clean and invigorated.

This body soap not only helps in treating hyperpigmentation but also in alleviating acne breakouts. Plus, it does not contain parabens and gluten. You can be confident using it as it is cruelty-free.

The only disadvantage of this product is it contains a little amount of sulfate, which might not be suitable for people with sensitive skin.

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5. Dudu Osun Black Soap

Dudu Osun Black Soap
  • Made with extraordinary natural components
  • Contains ashes of dried Camwood trees
  • Minimizes the scars caused by acne
  • Efficiently treats hyperpigmentation
  • Hydrates and exfoliates the skin
  • Gives a tightening sensation after every usage

This Tropical Natural Dudu-Osun Black Soap for hyperpigmentation has several skin benefits. This African black soap is made with natural components, including ashes from native plants. This soap has components that are not found in most contemporary soaps.

The ashes of dried Camwood trees give this product its black color and also act as a saponification enhancer. This black soap can minimize the appearance of your scars caused by acne as well. Just cleanse your face two times a day with this soap and your skin will gradually return to its healthy condition in no time.

Furthermore, if you have black spots, dark underarms, or dark patches, this product is undoubtedly worth a shot. The reduction of hyperpigmentation can be difficult, but this soap is designed to target persistent skin discolorations while also hydrating, cleaning, and exfoliating your skin.

Unfortunately, whenever you use this soap, you may experience a tightening sensation, notably if you apply it to your face. Fortunately, the sensation is not too uncomfortable, but it is advisable to keep an eye on it to ensure that your skin is reacting healthily.

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6. GranNaturals African Black Soap

GranNaturals African Black Soap
  • Contains skin-treating plantain peel and ash
  • Has an abundant amount of Shea butter
  • No artificial dyes and fragrances
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Does not leave a greasy and tacky feeling
  • Overusing this soap might cause skin dryness

With this GranNaturals African Black Soap, you can rejuvenate the appearance of your skin in no time. This natural soap bar is manufactured in Ghana and contains skin-treating ingredients including plantain peel and ash. The substantial Shea butter is also what defines this product, as it has been proved to treat hyperpigmentation by balancing out your skin tone.

Aside from that, there are no artificial pigments or scents used in this soap bar, which may cause skin irritation. This product is suitable for those with sensitive skin. Furthermore, it contains antioxidants, which may help prevent your skin from rapid aging.

If you are sick of using soaps that leave your skin feeling greasy, and tacky, there is no doubt you will like this one-of-a-kind product. When washed with water, this organic African black soap rinses cleanly and leaves no residue.

However, overusing this soap might cause your skin to become dry.

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7. Fair and White Exclusive Exfoliating Soap

Fair and White Exclusive Exfoliating Soap
  • Contains apricot seed powder that clears dead skin cells
  • Has Vitamin E and Vitamin C
  • Contains glycerin for skin hydration and protection
  • Addresses all hyperpigmentation-related disorders
  • Forms a thick and buttery lather
  • Not that ideal for sensitive skin; leaves a burning sensation

Fair & White’s soothing exfoliating bar restores skin’s smooth and velvety texture while the rejuvenating apricot seed powder washes and rubs away dead skin cells, rapidly boosting radiance. It also contains Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and glycerin for maximum hydration and protection against various skin conditions.

This soap is intended to handle all hyperpigmentation-related disorders, restoring your skin’s purity and luster. Its strong whitening properties assist in the removal of dark spots and tan lines from your skin. I think this product will be your good companion if you are currently dealing with skin discoloration.

Furthermore, this fragrant soap helps in the absorption and efficiency of your current lightening cream or lotion. It forms a thick, buttery lather that softly yet deeply cleanses the skin, leaving it supple and healthy.

The downside is that it is not that ideal for sensitive skin as it leaves a slightly uncomfortable burning sensation.

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8. Makari Classic Soap

Makari Classic  Soap
  • Contains apricot seeds and botanical oils
  • Heavily concentrated
  • Highly moisturizing
  • Removes dead skin cells and impurities
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Expensive

Hyperpigmentation can leave an unsightly skin appearance, but that does not mean you will have it indefinitely. Dark spots and discoloration can be treated using the Makari Classic Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap. It is created with organic compounds like apricot seeds and botanical oils. It is heavily concentrated to be as effective as possible.

In addition, to create the finest product imaginable, this gentle soap incorporates high-quality components. It is a good emollient since it includes moisturizing botanicals. Furthermore, it can aid in the removal of dead skin cells and impurities that contribute to acne and outbreaks.

I believe this soap is designed primarily for individuals with darker skin tones, as well as those battling acne-related scars and black patches. This antioxidant-rich soap is particularly beneficial for blemish treatment and regaining skin smoothness and firmness.

Unfortunately, although it is a very decent product, I must say that it does not have a reasonable price.

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9. Makari Classic Body Wash

Makari Classic Body Wash
  • Contains Aloe Vera
  • Evens out skin tone with mulberry root extract
  • Restores skin’s moisture balance
  • Contains cocoa butter and macadamia oil for maximum hydration
  • Ideal for dry skin
  • Leaves a slightly greasy feeling

Makari’s impressive body wash could help you attain the clean, silky, radiant skin you have always wanted. This lightening and exfoliating body wash is uniquely formulated for all skin types and contains moisturizing Aloe Vera and mulberry root extract, an organically produced active whitening component.

Furthermore, acne spots, scars, and hyperpigmentation will fade away over time if you will use this soap regularly. With this cleanser, you can achieve a fresh, young, flawlessly even appearance. This revitalizing soap is particularly excellent for restoring the moisture balance of dry skin.

This body wash is specially created for a variety of skin types and contains a potent blend of nutritious cocoa butter and macadamia oil to hydrate and moisturize. I would suggest using this product if you are currently dealing with rough and flaky skin.

The only problem with this body wash is it leaves a slightly greasy feeling. That might be because it is very rich in different moisturizing properties.

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10. Natrulo Organic Turmeric Soap Bar

Natrulo Organic Turmeric Soap Bar
  • Very gentle and hydrating
  • Treats hyperpigmentation without causing your skin to dry
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • No harsh formula used
  • Contains Aloe Vera and other botanical oils
  • Small and tends to melt quickly

Are you searching for a gentle soap that can lighten and reduce dark patches without triggering dryness, roughness, or irritation to the skin? The Natrulo Organic Turmeric Soap Bar is not to be missed. It contains elements that are naturally beneficial to your skin. It can make your face seem brighter and healthier than before.

Above all, this soap is suitable for use on sensitive skin. You can apply it to your face and body without the fear of getting skin inflammation or other side effects produced by harsh formulas. The cream is so soothing to use that it does not dry out the skin or leave it feeling tight. Nonetheless, it can leave you feeling well-refreshed.

Aside from that, this soap can help in decreasing discomfort, skin healing, and hydrating. It also contains a lot of natural components. Its main ingredient is turmeric, but it also includes Aloe Vera gel, kokum butter, safflower oil, castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and glycerin.

The only thing I do not like about it is its very small size. It also tends to melt a bit too easily after usage.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Body Washes and Soaps for Hyperpigmentation


Be it a body wash or facial cleanser for hyperpigmentation, Before you spend your money on skincare treatments, make sure to review the ingredients first. You may be allergic to particular substances, or you may choose to prevent specific ingredients for various reasons.

Particular ingredients might also effectively address your demands than others. For instance, if you need a more nourishing soap, look for one enriched with coconut oil or Shea butter. If hydration is vital to you, hyaluronic acid would be a great recommendation.

Kojic acid is also a common component in soaps for hyperpigmented skin. It works well for whitening the skin and minimizing the visibility of dark spots. It is, unfortunately, a little drying, but you may select a soap with moisturizing properties to alleviate the dryness.

Suggestions of Usage and Warnings

A hyperpigmentation soap differs from regular soap in that it is often developed to target specific skin concerns. It may contain high amounts of particular substances, which means you must take precautions when using it.

Fortunately, these soaps come with warnings and guidelines on how to use them correctly. Before using, be sure you read these directions thoroughly. That way, you will know how frequently you must use the soap and how you can avert any unwanted results.

Choose the Right Brand

Everyone has skincare brands that they trust, but it is occasionally worthwhile to try something new. If your existing skincare treatments are no longer effective to you, that might be the perfect time to search for a more dependable alternative.

Soaps for dark spots and hyperpigmentation are available from a variety of manufacturers. However, when looking for a new soap or body wash, make sure that the brand that produced it has a good reputation in the skincare industry.

Read and Evaluate the Reviews

Whenever you read customer reviews, you might get a thorough understanding of how a product functions in practice. A  product may seem appealing when reading its description. However, the reviews can inform you whether or not it will perform well on your particular skin type.

Therefore, be certain that you read as many reviews as necessary, and that the reviews are legitimate and unbiased. For a multitude of factors, certain reviews could be less honest, thus it is wise to cross-check what you read.

What are the Different Types of Soaps for Pigmentation?

Kojic Soap

Kojic acid is derived from a variety of microorganisms. It is also produced as a byproduct during the fermentation of some foods, such as Japanese sake, soy sauce, and rice wine.

Kojic acid restricts and hinders the production of tyrosine, an amino acid required for the production of melanin. Melanin is the component that determines the color of skin. Kojic acid offers a whitening effect and prevents the synthesis of melanin.

When you use kojic acid topically, you should see effects within 2 weeks or more.  Evidently, it can be used to treat areas of hyperpigmentation or scarring. However, you do not use it to lighten your entire complexion. Overusing it might also cause your skin to dry.

Black Soap

Black Soap is notably effective at reducing the unsightly appearance of hyperpigmentation because of its distinctive ingredients that can benefit your skin. Among these ingredients are:

  • Cocoa Ash. This component includes flavonoids and polyphenols, which aid to decrease discolorations caused by sun damage. These components thicken your skin, resulting in a solid protective layer against environmental distress. This added defense ensures your skin is protected against free-radical damage, such as hyperpigmentation.
  • Plantain Peels. These compounds contain a substance called allantoin, which offers antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Meaning, it can eliminate the germs that cause acne while also assisting in scar reduction throughout the process of healing. Hence, the visibility, as well as the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, will reduce.

Turmeric Soap

Turmeric soap proves to help minimize dark patches on the skin, commonly known as hyperpigmentation. According to one research, a turmeric-infused treatment can effectively alleviate the symptoms of hyperpigmentation. Turmeric soaps can reduce inflammation, destroy skin bacteria, and lighten dark spots.

Furthermore, turmeric has antimicrobial qualities that help treat acne-causing bacteria. The present curcuminoids in turmeric, on the other hand, contain anti-inflammatory properties that assist in calming breakouts. Turmeric also balances out skin tone, and its extract can aid in the reduction of acne scars.

Organic Soaps

Numerous soaps contain organic ingredients. Certain organic ingredients can help in lightening and evening out your skin tone. Here are some of the effective organic ingredients you can find on hyperpigmentation soaps:

  • Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is one of the greatest organic components for lightening scars, therefore it is no surprise that it is also effective in treating dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Aloe Vera includes aloin, a depigmentation ingredient that helps to eliminate dark spots.
  • Green Tea Extract. This organic ingredient evens out dark spots and discoloration. Green tea contains antioxidants such as catechins, which not only calms the skin but also significantly decreases the visibility of dark spots and battle against the early indications of aging. It removes toxins from the body and restores skin cells on your skin.
  • Coconut Oil. This organic oil is a harmless psoriasis treatment since its moisture content helps soothe itching and scaly areas of the skin. This will lower the likelihood of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation by addressing any psoriasis-related inflammation.

How Can You Make Homemade Soap for Hyperpigmentation?

Creating a homemade turmeric soap is a breeze with this basic melt-and-pour technique. There is no prior knowledge of producing soap necessary. It only takes a few minutes to prepare this face or body soap. You just have to choose a mild soap base that is appropriate for your skin type.

Ingredients and Things You Will Need:

  • Turmeric Powder
  • Organic Mild Soap
  • Botanical Oil (such as lavender, tea tree, rosemary, or coconut)

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. To begin, heat your soap base in your microwave to have it melted.
  2. Add the turmeric into the melted and soap base and stir until well-mixed.
  3. Pour your organic oils into the mixture.
  4. Fill your molding container with the hyperpigmentation soap mixture.
  5. Let it chill and become solid in the fridge before removing the soaps or cutting into bar soaps.

How Should You Apply Soap When You Have Hyperpigmentation?

  1. Generally, you can use hyperpigmentation soap just like conventional soap. Form a lather with it and apply it to your skin. However, you can use soap on both your body and your face.
  1. Allow the soap to sit on your skin for a few minutes to fully absorb. Some individuals use this to improve the efficacy of the soap. To avoid negative effects, do not keep the soap on for an extended period.
  1. You can also use a hyperpigmentation soap as a spot corrector. You may moisten a cotton ball and apply it to the soap. Afterward, using the dampened cotton ball, dab the soap directly and carefully on your acne or particular hyperpigmented spots.
  1. Although hyperpigmentation soaps can be used up to twice a day, make sure to check the packaging for specific instructions.
  1. Carefully observe how your skin reacts to the soap. If you experience any dryness or constriction, you should use the soap less frequently until your skin adjusts.
  1. To avoid dryness and discomfort, many individuals use a reliable moisturizer after taking a bath. This typically results in skin that is silky, supple, and significantly fairer.

What Are the Ingredients to Avoid When You have Hyperpigmentation?

Certain ingredients in skincare products and pharmaceuticals might cause your skin to become sun-sensitive or photosensitive, making you prone to hyperpigmentation. Consult your pharmacist to ensure that any medicines you are consuming, such as contraceptive pills or antibiotics, are not triggering photosensitivity.

If you have hyperpigmentation, you must avoid the following ingredients:

  • Retin A/Retinol
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)
  • Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Fragrances

What Can You Do to Prevent Hyperpigmentation?

  • Keep out of strong sunlight. Eschew being out in the sun between 10 AM and 2 PM. Whenever you are outside, stay under a sunlight-shielding umbrella or under the shade to reduce your exposure to the harmful sun rays.
  • Apply sunscreen. Use sun protection with an SPF of at least 15 routinely. Do this step even in the cold months to shield your skin from damaging UV radiation. Moisturize it with an ultra-lightweight sunscreen.
  • Do not touch your skin too much. Scratching or poking an insect bite or any area of your can cause irritation and deeper hyperpigmentation on your skin. Whenever you do contact your skin, such as when wearing skincare products or cosmetics, wash your hands beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take for Hyperpigmentation to Fade?

Hyperpigmentation fades over time in most cases. Dark spots might take 3 months to 2 years to fade if they are not treated. But, the amount of time depends on how dark the patches are in comparison to your natural skin tone. Thus, in some circumstances, removing hyperpigmented spots may take more than a couple of years.

Furthermore, certain spots could be particularly obstinate and remain for an extended period. Hyperpigmentation on areas like thighs or armpits might remain for 10 years or more.

Do Body Washes Help Reduce Dark Spots?

Yes, especially if the body wash is infused with the right ingredients. A body wash formulated with Kojic acid, tranexamic acid, niacinamide, Shea butter, and other essential ingredients can help lighten persistent dark spots. Some body washes also contain glycerin to keep your skin moisturized and avert it from drying. Make sure to look for these types of body washes to ensure they can reduce dark spots.

What are the Best Brands of Soaps for Hyperpigmentation?

There are several soap brands for hyperpigmentation, each with its unique set of benefits as well as drawbacks. You must look into the brands that manufactured these soaps if you want to discover the proper product.

Some of the brands previously discussed in this list such as Marie France, Koji White, Mario Badescu, Aspen Kay, Tropical Natural, Natrulo, and GranNaturals all make beneficial hyperpigmentation soaps.

Nonetheless, there are some significant distinctions between these products that you should be aware of. Your personal skin needs and preferences will determine which brands can create the perfect soap for you.

Which Soap is the Best for Hyperpigmentation?

Kojic soap is arguably the best option for battling hyperpigmentation because of its powerful whitening properties and its promising capability of inhibiting the overproduction of melanin. However, excessively using it can cause skin dryness. Hence, you have to look for Kojic soaps that also contain hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and other botanical oils.


There are numerous skincare products on the market. Hence, it is easy to become overwhelmed and confused. Nevertheless, you have a plethora of options right in front of you. You just have to make sure that the soap or body wash you will use is safe, effective, and trustworthy.

The list of top-rated products aforementioned might help you filter out your options to the highest-quality products. Indeed, with the help of this list and buying guide, you will be one step closer to discovering the best hyperpigmentation body washes and soaps.

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