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With the best eyelid tape, you can actually compensate for your weak levator muscles. Levator muscles, what do they do? The only thing you need to know right now is that levator muscles lift or raise your eyelid. So when they’re weakened, which means when they start to droop, it’s time to turn to tape, eyelid tape.

So many women in Japan and Korea have been doing that, so why shouldn’t you experiment with this effective, seamless beauty solution too, right? After all, there is a way to conceal uneven creases that may have become quite noticeable around your eyelids. And that way takes the form of a thin and clear strip that offers a temporary yet very natural-looking fix.

Korean women desire this kind of “double eyelid” effect because most Koreans do not have natural creases in the eyelids. So the tape solution actually makes their eyes appear to be larger, hence more open.

And now this leads me to the following brands that have come up with the most flawless beauty tapes (i.e. safe, non-invasive alternatives to eyelid-lifting surgeries that have become quite common in countries like Korea and Japan) for both young girls and mature women.

1. Wonder Eyelid Tape D-Up

  • Double-faced, super-strong adhesive tape
  • Medical-grade and sweat/water-resistant
  • Completely invisible and very easy to apply
  • Sticks for 12 hours straight, even in the hot sun
  • Some find them too long and edges pointy
  • Instructions in Japanese

It’s only natural and actually even smart to be skeptical about beauty and skincare products/solutions. Because then, you make it a point to opt for those remedies that are really skin-friendly. Enter this best eyelid tape for droopy eyelids!

If your lids have been hooded for a very, very long time, Wonder D-Up Eyelid Tape is sure to absolutely amaze you. Applying it is extremely easy. Plus, they come cheap, so that’s another huge relief.

And you know that these medical-grade, double-faced strips are sweat-resistant when they can put up against 8 hours of hot sun and even last for a longer time in comparison to your eye makeup.

2. Pormasbenzer Ultra-Invisible Two-Sided Sticky Double Eyelid Tape

  • Hypoallergenic eyelid tape
  • Double-sided and medical-grade
  • Virtually invisible and also waterproof
  • Edges are slightly sharp
  • Some wish it was wider

Now, how about hypoallergenic eyelid strips that is actually double-sided eyelid tape made using medical-grade adhesive! It’s waterproof, it’s breathable, and it stays on all day long.

Once you wear these strips, you just forget about them. That’s how natural they look and feel and that’s how long they stick to your lids.

If one eye looks smaller than the other (because one lid is more closed in comparison to the other), you can easily fix this unevenness. It also works like a charm in the case of droopy, hooded, and mono eyelids. Plus, the whole hypoallergenic adhesive without any use of glue means no irritation or discomfort of any kind.

3. Eye Charm Magic Slim Double Sided Eyelid Tapes

  • Medical-grade, double-sided tape
  • Clear and invisible, even with natural oil and sweat
  • Very easy and pain-free to remove
  • Take a few initial tries to get it right
  • Feels slightly uncomfortable

The brand claims that their Magic Slim Double Sided Eyelid Tapes are for those who want that perfect, natural-looking double eyelid appearance. So do they deliver?

To be honest, droopy eyelids don’t stand a chance! So no need to waste time and effort applying your makeup differently just to compensate for that one droopy lid or both eyelids.

Agreed that the first time using Eye Charm Magic Slim Tape won’t be easy, as is the case with every product (especially if you’re doing this for the first time), but the second application will just even out your lids. And then there’s also the super-low price you pay for these completely invisible eyelid tapes!

4. Beauty Logic USA Fiber Lace Eyelid Lift Kit

  • Lightweight, waterproof eyelid tape
  • Made of mesh to allow flexibility
  • No irritation and hardly noticeable
  • Wide enough (extra-large size) for easy handling
  • Not a double-stick self-adhesive tape

These mesh eyelid tapes come in extra-large (the one I’m reviewing) and also large, medium, and small. So you can choose based on what your eye shape is. And each size and each strip is waterproof. It’s the perfect non-surgical way to lift droopy, single, or uneven eyelids!

The immediate effect created by Fiber Lace Eyelid Tape definitely makes the eyes look more vibrant and youthful. And the tape is very long-lasting and nearly invisible (you can easily conceal it using your regular eye makeup). Even on deep creases, it remains totally invisible.

You could be over 60 years of age and still have nothing but praises to levy on this Beauty Logic solution that is the best eyelid tape for aging eyes.

Some women find the width of such eyelid strips too narrow, as is the case with Pormasbenzer Eyelid Tape reviewed earlier, but not this one. The width here is actually the widest you may ever come across. And you know what that means? Easy handling and applying!

5. Dedila Pro Breathable Double Eyelid Tape

  • Double-sided, breathable eyelid tape
  • Available in Wide and Slim
  • Fork rod included for easy application
  • Very thin, sheer, and comfortable
  • Cannot handle oily skin or sweat

600 pieces of high-quality, breathable, double-sided eyelid tape! You can get them in Slim or Wide, it’s the latter I’m reviewing here.

Perfect for making thin eyelids more clearly visible without being clearly visible itself. So if you want to enhance your eyes, you should really think about buying these Dedila eyelid strips that have a slight blu-ish hue (the Slim size is pink).

You do indeed have to go through some practice tapes to reach that perfect, final placement that works for YOUR eyes. Just press the strip into the very crease of the lid and then apply some dark eye shadow over it. Repeat on the other side. And there you have your instant fix to droopy eyelids. No eyelift surgery after all!

6. ZMBeautk Natural Invisible Single Side Eyelid Tape

  • 200pcs of medical-grade adhesive tape (one-sided)
  • Waterproof, breathable, and invisible
  • It’s hypoallergenic, so no skin irritation
  • Fork stick included helps with application
  • Not wide enough
  • Not the easiest to put on

The best eyelid tape reviews also include single-sided options like these that also seem to work so effectively on uneven, mono lids and even on droopy eyelids. If your one eye looks almost lopsided because it’s smaller than the other, this non-surgical fix surely deserves a try.

You may have to trim the tape so it fits your eye better. But getting the hang of it is actually pretty easy. The very sticky nature and easy application here make the task so much more convenient. The task being to create a natural-looking, deep double eyelid, so your eyes look larger and rounder.

7. ZMBeauty Ultra Invisible Double Eyelid Tape

  • Hypoallergenic, self-adhesive eyelid tape
  • Creates natural, deep double eyelid
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Not easy to apply or peel off
  • Looks shiny, hence not entirely invisible

Complaints like eyelid tape ruined my eyes are quite common to hear and the primary reason for that is wearing the tape for longer than 10-12 hours. This is never a good idea because the skin around your eyes and lids is supposed to be very delicate and sensitive.

So as long as these strips are not over-staying their welcome, there’s no harm in trying out this Ultra Invisible Double Eyelid Tape by ZMBeauty.

Now there’s no denying that these medical-grade adhesive strips, once on, give your eyes such an instant lift that you might not want to go even 1 hour without them. Nevertheless, refrain from over-wearing this tape or any other.

One more thing that I would like to add – you don’t get it right the first time, even peeling it off is slightly difficult. But then you slowly grow and ease into the whole application. And to compensate for that, the eyelid strips are waterproof and breathable.

8. Dedila Scala Pro Makeup Eyelid Double Sided Tape

  • Double-sided eyelid tape strings
  • Undetectable and very natural-looking
  • Scissors for cutting and fork stick for application
  • Not the most long-lasting adhesion
  • Edges are not pre-cut

Thin, sticky strings in comparison to the wider tape I’ve reviewed by the same brand earlier. These adhesive strings are 100-percent undetectable. Just use the fork rod tool to poke or push them right where you want and they won’t come off. Even applying makeup over the tape isn’t going to take away its discretion or invisibility.

You get 572 pieces and a pair of scissors, although the latter is not sharp enough to cut the strings. But when it comes to enhancing the size and shape of your eyes, these strips of eyelid tape do not let you down. They give you brand new creases, temporarily of course.

And it’s completely okay to use 2 pieces for each eye if you have mono-lids. Just twist after pulling for creating a stronger fiber, this makes the whole thing look more natural and hides better.

9. Daiso Natural Double Eyelid Nudy Tape Slim (Bandage Type)

  • Single-sided, nude-color eyelid tape
  • Very easy to put on and take off
  • Blends in with the skin flawlessly (thin and nude)
  • Invisible and natural-looking, even with no eye makeup
  • One-sided means poor adhesion
  • Not for oily or sweaty skin

Seriously invisible eyelid tape bandages (one-sided) that look just like your bare skin. Just make sure to not leave them on and sleep with them as that might lead to the swelling of the eyes, as is the case with every eyelid tape since it sort of restricts blood flow.

But aside from that, when you apply this nude tape on your lid correctly, they not only stay on but also remain really invisible. And that’s the best part. Using it is easy and nobody can tell that you have tape on your eye, even if your eyelids have now become more hooded because of aging.

You can wear it both under or over your eye shadow. And lastly, you may be using gentle, pH-balanced body washes for your sensitive skin but still expect no amount of skin irritation with Daiso Natural Nudy.

Who Should Be Using Eyelid Tape?

First of all, let me just put it out there that your natural skin is not an imperfection. Now I’m not here to lecture you on the double-sidedness of beauty standards or anything of the sort.

What I’m trying to say is that things like droopy eyelids, uneven eyelid creases, or even aging skin are not “flaws” that NEED TO BE FIXED. The more we invite this kind of positive self-talk into our lives, the more transparent these beauty standards become.

So anyway, eyelid tape is mainly used by women who have very small eyelid creases. So the tape makes them appear larger to visibly enhance the size of the eyes (and make them look brighter too!).

But then those who have creases already still use eyelid tape. Now, why is that? Because you can use this beauty solution to shape your eyes as well, which is certainly easier said than done (but remember that practice makes perfect).

Then the obvious one is droopy eyelids due to age, genetics, etc. When eyelids begin to sag, you can indeed, with the help of makeup too, reverse the effect in terms of appearance.

And then there’s also the possibility of your one eyelid with a visibly larger crease than the other, which might be so tiny that it’s practically non-existent.

Also, when your eyes have such an uneven shape, applying makeup, in general, becomes slightly tedious. Enter this very useful and even little tool called eyelid tip at your service!

How to Use Eyelid Tape – Applying It the Right Way!

Start by cleansing the face first. Then you place that eyelid tape over the crease with the help of the tiny plastic prong included in the kit. To be more specific, place the tape in the center of the eyelid. Now, using the small prong, make sure to push the eyelid tape into your lid folds for forming the crease.

The prong is also great for making adjustments, plus it’s a more hygienic method of application in comparison to using your fingertips.

To be honest, the whole thing also depends on how your eyes are shaped and how flashy or subtle you want the “double eyelid” effect to come off as. For example, women who wish to create the appearance of rounder and wider eyes place this eyelid tape deep within the crease while others just stick the tape closer to their lash line.

Once your eyelid tape is on, applying eye makeup becomes a lot easier. These are transparent strips, right? This means they remain hidden below your layer of foundation, concealer, or eye shadow.

As for removing the eyelid tape, just peel off the strip very slowly and carefully. I say slowly and carefully because some of these strips are extra sticky, so you have to make sure you don’t cause any harm to your eyelids in the process. You can also use makeup remover for cleaning them off.

Important beauty tip coming your way…

If enhancing the shape and/or size of your eyes is what you’re aiming at, then also consider wearing eyeliner on the lids, applying mascara on the lashes, and even putting on false lashes really helps.

The Upside AND Downside to Using Eyelid Tape

Men and women with monolids have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed or self-conscious about. Likewise, those using eyelid tape for creating a double eyelid appearance can also do so confidently.

Many from countries like Japan and Korea actually decide to undergo cosmetic surgery (double eyelid procedure), which obviously is a costly process of making your lid creases look more visible, defined, even, and larger. It’s also what does away with droopy eyelids. But then why spend that much money when you have this solution, albeit temporary, at your disposal.

There are instances where eyelid tape worn for an extended period of time (for example, overnight) forms a permanent double crease. This can happen but only with those brands that use a firmer material for their eyelid tapes. However, this doesn’t come with zero side effects, just saying!

When you use these slightly firm, thin, transparent strips excessively or wear them for too long, they can lead to skin irritation and even cause sagging by the way. There is a sticky adhesive on it, right? Hence, the possibility of allergic reactions during wear or after you remove the tape. Oh and by the way, there are hypoallergenic options too these days.

Whatever the case, avoid leaving the eyelid tape on for a whole day i.e. for 24 hours, no matter how convinced you are of getting that permanent double crease.

Don’t forget that our skin around the eyes, including eyelids, is very delicate and thin. So if you overstretch it or leave any kind of adhesive on it for too long, it will welcome unnecessary, long-term damage.

One more thing I’d like to add since we’re on that subject, please DO NOT use things like double-sided tape or scotch tape. I know that they’re so, so affordable and all and you think they’ll create the double eyelid look. BUT those types of materials are too flimsy with adhesives that cause skin irritation. Better to use skin-friendly, medical-grade eyelid tape instead!

But then even these beauty products sometimes give rise to discomfort. And if that’s persistent, you should keep them away from your skin. I’m sure even your dermatologist will tell you the same thing.

Buying/Using Eyelid Tape FAQs

Does Eyelid Tape Actually Work?

With eyelid tape, you can really lift your eyelids and also the saggy skin surrounding them. These are thin, transparent strips that you place over your lid folds to lift them up. And the sticky adhesive is what actually works.

Is It Bad to Wear Eyelid Tape?

The glue or adhesive on eyelid tapes does tend to irritate the delicate, thin skin of your eyelids. But this is only if you wear them for more than just a few hours. Wearing eyelid tape for an extended period of time will eventually make your skin sag. So the part that’s supposed to form the very crease of your double eyelid gets covered by the sagging skin.

Better to use medical-grade, latex-free, hypoallergenic eyelid tape made with organic materials! But even these should not be worn for too long.

Is It Better to Wear Double-Sided Eyelid Tape?

Double-side eyelid tape is better only if your eyelids are thicker or if you want the crease to be deeper. It even works very well when it comes to keeping the tape less noticeable. In short, double-sided is more suited for eyelids that are heavily droopy, hooded, and uneven.

As for single-sided or slim eyelid tape, this one’s made for minor droopiness or unevenness of the lids. It’s what women who like to put on eye shadow choose or simply those that have thinner eyelids.

Does Eyelid Tape Lift Droopy Eyelids?

Droopy eyelids or ptosis (the medical term for it) can be temporarily fixed, meaning no invasive surgery needed, with the help of eyelid tape. The adhesive or sticky material on the tape actually lifts your eyelid as well as the sagging skin around it.

That’s All, Ladies!

Just because eyelid tape needs to be hidden doesn’t mean you also need to hide the truth that you want to use the product to make your eyes look bigger and/or younger.

Many women and even men are looking for these kinds of beauty and skin solutions more openly now. So why shouldn’t you, if that’s what you want to do to feel more confident and less conscious about how you look in public!

Some just simply want to get rid of their monolid. While some have naturally droopy eyelids that require a bit of that “lifting” effect. Whatever your reason, just make it a point to avoid wearing them for too long at a stretch cause that’s just going to do more harm than good.

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