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Sweating is natural during physical activity such as walking, running, working out, or even simply resting or standing under the sunlight or in a warm environment. Even so, it is not the sweating itself that is a bother, but rather the foul odor that normally comes with it.

In the midst of extreme heat, your body has a high propensity to release an unpleasant odor. Generally speaking, the bacteria that accumulates on sweaty skin is the major source of that terrible smell. Body odor can be bothersome and humiliating, and it can be caused by a variety of factors.

Body smells are an extreme annoyance, but don’t fret; there will always be an effective solution to that – the best soaps & body washes for body odor. One of the finest techniques to counteract body odor is to use these products. These soaps and body washes are available in a plethora of scents, specialties, and brands.

In this article, I will present to you the top-rated body soaps and body washes to keep you feeling fresh, clean, and fragrant at all times. I will also guide you on how to choose the best ones that will meet your needs and preferences.

1. Dove Body Wash For All Skin

  • Kills 99% of bacteria; protects your skin against dryness, roughness, and bad odor
  • Prepared with Dove’s patented Moisture Renew BlendTM for long-lasting hydration
  • Does not contain sulfates and parabens
  • Dermatologist-recommended
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Only smells like ordinary mild soap

The Dove Care & Protect Antibacterial Body Wash is an ultra-hydrating and refreshing body wash that kills 99% of bacteria while also protecting your skin from dryness, roughness, and unpleasant odor. This highly effective body wash for body odor is prepared with their patented Moisture Renew BlendTM, providing you with the exceptional cleaning and long-lasting hydration you desire.

This ultra-moisturizing body wash provides long-lasting nourishment and smoother skin, leaving you feeling fresh and young all the time. I think it is really suitable for any skin type as it does not contain sulfates and parabens. Its antibacterial properties are quite efficient in terms of preventing body odor.

Simply squeeze the thick body wash into your palm and rub it into a rich, creamy lather. Gently massage it into your skin, emphasizing particular areas that seem drier or dirtier than normal, and then thoroughly rinse it off. It will then display a skin that is exceptionally velvety, smooth, and hygienic.

This antimicrobial body wash is one of the most recommended choices by experienced dermatologists when it comes to removing body odor. This product is not tested on animals and does not contain any harmful chemicals that will irritate hypersensitive skin.

Although this body wash is superior in eliminating unpleasant body odor, it does not have that special fragrant smell that will provide you with a trademark scent. It just smells like ordinary mild soap. But overall, it is a top-quality body wash that can deliver promising results.

2. ALL Natural Tea Tree Body Wash

  • Excellently exfoliates and purifies skin
  • Contains a significant concentration of tea tree and eucalyptus oil
  • Contains antimicrobial properties to combat body odor
  • Very gentle on skin
  • Does not contain alcohol, phthalates, and sulfates
  • Slightly strong herbal aroma

This strong exfoliating and purifying body wash by the First Botany is undoubtedly one of the best options, particularly if you prefer organic body washes. This botanical product contains a significant concentration of tea tree and eucalyptus oil, making it a safe and efficient body wash against body odor.

This hydrating shower wash soothes irritated and dry skin while also removing filth and impurities. It can be used by both men and women. This foot and body wash contains scientifically proven ingredients that assist to eliminate substances that cause body odor, athlete’s foot, fungus, jock itch, pimples, toenail problems, and other typical foot and skin problems.

This organic solution also improves the suppleness of your skin, making your skin appear youthful and more attractive. The impressive body wash is gentle on the skin and provides optimum flawlessness and anti-odor protection. I strongly recommend you to use this item, particularly if you sweat a lot.

Furthermore, because of its antimicrobial properties, this plant-based body wash protects your skin from dangerous microorganisms. The scent is subtle and not overpowering. It’s free of alcohol, phthalates, and sulfates. It is not tested on animals.

If you are not fond of using herbal fragrances, nevertheless, this might not be a pleasing option for you.

3. Dial for Men Body Wash

  • Excellently works with men who excessively sweat
  • Non-drying quality
  • Has the right amount of moisturizers
  • Can protect your skin from bacteria for up to 24 hours
  • A very refreshing and masculine scent
  • Not that ideal for sensitive skin

This body wash’s odor-neutralizing technology will be much appreciated by sweaty men who are persistently dealing with body odor. With this powerful body wash by Dial, you will get extreme odor prevention. This body wash kills all the bacteria in your skin that cause you a bad smell.

Indeed, people with dry or sensitive skin can even use it routinely. The formulation used in this men’s body wash has a non-drying quality  Furthermore, it is infused with an adequate amount of moisturizers into your skin to leave it nourished and flawless all the time.

This body wash contains odor-neutralizing innovation to effectively eradicate harmful bacteria on the skin and keep them away for up to 24 hours. You won’t have to go through your day smelling yourself to verify whether you still smell good because of this highly efficient protection. If you are an athlete, I strongly recommend this product.

This body odor cleanser cleans your body intensively, so you will feel refreshed and confident after just one quick bathe. Another fantastic attribute of this product is its attractive deep and manly aroma, which will attract the ladies. This body wash strongly eliminates undesirable odors and leaves you smelling awesome after only one wash.

The downside, on the other hand, is it is not that suitable for men with sensitive skin. Its powerful odor-eliminating properties could somehow irritate sensitive skin.

4. BOTANIC HEARTH Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

  • Contains coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, coconut butter, and pomegranate oil
  • No artificial colors, sulfates, and parabens
  • Great hydrating body wash for sensitive skin
  • Treats and defends odor-causing bacteria
  • Smooths and rejuvenates the skin
  • Leaves a slippery feeling even after rinsing

The Botanic Hearth’s organic body wash is produced with botanical extracts and effective natural components such as coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, coconut butter, and pomegranate oil, which are proven to soothe and nourish dry skin. It is made with 100% pure tea tree oil, and it does not use any artificial colors, sulfates, or parabens.

This body wash is also a great hydrating body wash for hypersensitive skin. The addition of essential oils gives it a pleasant aroma and effectiveness against bad odors.  With its relaxing and invigorating scent, the natural oils in this body wash help alleviate morning sickness and boost your mood as well.

Athlete’s foot, body breakouts, ringworms, and fungal infections are all problems that are caused by bacteria and excessive sweating, resulting in body odor. Thankfully, this body wash is ideal for treating and defending against them. I believe this is an excellent choice not just for vanity and odor, but also for health purposes.

Additionally, this product assists in the deodorization of sweaty bodies and makes you smell and feel amazing. This is suitable for all skin types, particularly rough and itchy skin. This natural body cleanser smooths and rejuvenates the skin, making it appear and feel younger.

The only downside of this body wash is the slippery feeling it gives even after rinsing it off with water.

5. Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

  • Contains antifungal and antibacterial components for maximum odor protection
  • Can alleviate athlete’s foot, acne, wounds, ringworm, and other bacterial infections
  • Highly moisturizing due to the rich amount of tea tree oil
  • Contains olive, coconut oil, and Aloe Vera
  • Purely plant-based
  • Leaves a greasy feeling; requires too much water to rinse off properly

This tea tree essential oil body wash from the Daily Remedy is indeed an efficient body wash when it comes to fighting body odor because of its powerful antifungal and antibacterial components. Athlete’s foot, acne, wounds, ringworm, skin rashes, insect attacks, and bacterial infections are among issues that it can alleviate.

This organic shower cleanser eliminates unwanted substances while intensely exfoliating your skin, leaving it feeling very soft and flawless. This ultra-moisturizing body wash has no unnatural scents. Tea tree oil, when merged with other natural extracts, emits a refreshing and earthy fragrance.

This organically formulated body wash is also paraben-free and hypoallergenic. This is undoubtedly ideal for both men and women, particularly those with super sensitive or dry skin. This detox soap’s mixture of tea tree, olive, and coconut oils, as well as the organic Aloe Vera, will satisfy even the most delicate skin.

No harsh chemically-based properties are incorporated in this body wash as it is purely made out of the most effective organic oils that benefit your skin in many ways. I highly recommend this if you are a fan of plant-based body soaps and cleansers.

The drawback, on the contrary, is the slightly greasy feeling it leaves whenever you massage it on your skin, and too much amount of water would be needed to rinse it off properly.

6. TheraTree Tea Tree Oil Soap

  • Infused with vast quantities of antifungal properties
  • Contains tea tree and neem oil
  • Refreshes your skin with a naturally fragrant aroma
  • Perfect for people who sweat a lot
  • Purely organic
  • It may not be used daily by people with sensitive skin

This TheraTree body wash contains a vast quantity of antifungal compounds, and it merges the effectiveness of tea tree oil and neem oil to help cleanse and freshen your skin with a fragrant natural aroma, preventing body odor.

Tea tree oil and neem oil both have antifungal elements, so this solution can help you get rid of all the bacteria that make your perspiration and body smell awful and make you feel unpleasant. The scent of this body wash is indeed fragrant. I think it will help in making you smell wonderful and fresh.

For maximum ecological sustainability, this organic soap is hand-harvested in tiny portions. Its long-term steam is completely purified to enable wide-spectrum active compound extraction. It is, in fact, produced entirely of authentic therapeutic-grade tea tree oil.

This body wash is perfect for individuals who have bothersome foot and body odor, a dull-looking complexion, dry skin, itchiness, or skin aggravation caused by excessive sweating. Moreover, it is a great option for athletes who sweat a lot, including those who participate in soccer, basketball, martial arts, or those people who exercise in gyms regularly.

However, due to its extra-strong antifungal properties, it may not be advisable to be used by people with sensitive skin on a daily basis as it might irritate their skin.

7. Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

  • 100% plant-based; contains natural oils and essential minerals
  • Aloe Vera and Atlantic sea kelp for added hydration
  • Contains exceptional antimicrobial and antifungal properties
  • Combines tea tree, oregano, and other herbal extracts
  • Removes bad odors caused by bacteria
  • Slightly diluted; does not lather smoothly

This tea tree oil body wash from Purely Northwest is highly praised by a variety of retailers. It’s formulated with skin-nourishing botanical compounds, natural oils, and other minerals. This plant-based cleanser can help you get rid of odors while also leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

This product is exceptionally powerful, containing antimicrobial and antifungal properties that effectively expel fungi and bacteria from your skin. It also has Aloe Vera and Atlantic sea kelp to help your skin stay hydrated. If staying clean and refreshed is your daily goal, I think this body wash could be a great solution.

This cleanser combines tea tree, oregano, and other herbal extracts to keep your skin protected. This is a soothing, deep-cleaning body wash that can be used as a major part of a soft everyday routine. The carvacrol content of the oregano oil used in this body soap is high, which is recognized for its antifungal effects.

Foot odor can be caused by poor ventilation and perspiration. The active genuine tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint in this cleanser, on the other hand, work synergistically to detoxify and revitalize your feet while also removing smells. A skin condition called Keratolysis Exfoliativa might also be healed with this treatment.

The only thing I did not like about this body wash though is its slightly diluted quality. It does not lather that smoothly onto the skin.

8. Remedy Soap Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

  • Uses Tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus oils to treat eczema and other skin disorders
  • Cures irritated skin, pubescent body odor, and allergies
  • Contains Aloe Vera,  jojoba oil, olive oil, and coconut oil,
  • Leaves a pleasant cooling sensation
  • Suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive skin
  • Not that fragrant

This remedy body wash by Truremedy Naturals is a versatile body cleanser containing organic oils to moisturize, exfoliate, and invigorate your skin. Tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus oils are used to combat tough conditions including eczema, body odor, athlete’s foot, and fungal infections. They also produce a pleasant cooling sensation.

Since it contains Aloe Vera,  jojoba oil, olive oil, and coconut oil, this body wash would be delicate enough to soothe and nourish the skin. It also does not contain parabens, sulfates, silicones, and unnatural aromas, and unsafe pigments.

This body cleanser has received great feedback from active buyers due to its relaxing and bacteria-fighting properties. Customers praise this body wash for a multitude of reasons, including curing irritated skin, pubescent body odor, and allergies.

Moreover, this body soap is gentle enough for various types of skin, just like a tea tree and peppermint shower gel should be. This tea tree and peppermint body wash has a pleasant scent and is suitable for sensitive skin. I guess you will not have to worry about getting rashes or allergic reactions when using this body wash.

The downside, nonetheless, is its smell. It is not that fragrant; it just smells like ordinary soap.

9. Dial Antibacterial Deodorant Bar Soap

  • Provides long-lasting odor protection
  • A tried-and-true antimicrobial deodorant defense system
  • Hydrating; keeps your skin supple
  • Removes bacteria without drying your skin
  • Very affordable
  • It may not be ideal for sensitive skin due to its strong antiseptic properties

The Dial Antibacterial Deodorant Bar Soap is a non-drying antimicrobial deodorant soap that provides long-lasting odor treatment while leaving you feeling hygienic throughout the day. This is a tried-and-true antimicrobial deodorant defense system that destroys all the unwanted elements on your skin after every wash.

This soap’s antiseptic ingredients effectively combat odor-causing microorganisms on your skin. The deodorizing component lingers on your skin all day, while the hydrating elements keep it supple. I recommend using this soap, especially if you are a very active person who tends to sweat a lot.

This incredible body soap is formulated to foam up into a creamy, moisturizing lather that effectively removes bacteria without drying out your skin. It features the ideal hygienic rinsing and moisturizing combination to keep your skin clean while also keeping it hydrated.

Another thing that makes this soap a wise option is that it is very affordable. By just spending a few dollars, you can already use high-quality bar soap that can help you fight and prevent body odor!

On the other side, due to its powerful antiseptic properties, it may not be ideal for someone with sensitive skin.

10. Remedy Natural Tea Tree Oil Soap Bar

  • Uses genuine oils to hydrate, scrub, and rejuvenate your skin
  • Treats acne, fungal infections, and other skin ailments
  • Contains omega 3,6,7, and 9, vitamin E and C, Aloe Vera
  • An ideal choice for people who constantly sweat
  • Does not utilize harmful fillers or additives
  • The price is a bit expensive for a soap

Truremedy Naturals’ soap bar is a multi-purpose soap cleanser that contains genuine oils to hydrate, scrub, and rejuvenate your skin. This soap contains tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus oils, which may be used to treat acne, fungal infections, and other skin ailments. It is also a superior choice in terms of eliminating strong body odor.

To keep your skin healthy, this soap bar also includes omega 3,6,7, and 9, vitamin E and C, Aloe Vera, and efficient herbal extracts. It is indeed gentle enough to moisturize and calm the skin. Moreover, it is also free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, petroleum, artificial fragrances, and harmful dyes.

This organic soap bar is ideal for people who suffer from unpleasant foot and body odor, a poor complexion, rough skin, blistering, or skin irritation induced by extreme perspiration. It’s an excellent choice for sportsmen who sweat a lot, as well as physically active individuals.

Truremedy does not utilize harmful fillers or toxins, and they exclusively collaborate with professionals to ensure that their solution is healthy, safe, and beneficial. No doubt, this soap is formulated in the safest and most careful way to ascertain promising results on your well-loved skin.

The only minor issue though of this is its price, which is a bit expensive for a soap. But overall, I must say that this product can truly satisfy your hygienic needs.

11. Dove Men + Care Extra Fresh bar Soap

  • Effectively eliminates grime, grease, and odor from your skin
  • Revitalizes and hydrates your body for up to 24 hours
  • Perfect for men who sweat a lot and are always outdoors
  • Kills bacteria that cause body odor
  • Contains soap-based shaving properties
  • Each soap is small in size

This men’s bar soap by Dove is formulated to leave you odor-free and confident throughout the day. This deodorizing soap is indeed the ultimate body odor bar soap. It eliminates grime, grease, and odor from your skin while also revitalizing your body for up to 24 hours!

This Dove bar soap contains 25% ultra-hydrating components, which will keep your skin highly moisturized whenever you bathe. This is an incredible body odor soap since it is created exclusively for men’s skincare requirements. I highly suggest buying this soap, specifically if you are a very active man who regularly perspires and is always outdoors.

Without a doubt, it also kills bacteria. Furthermore, the lather is quite quick to rinse. It does not make your skin feel oily. You can truly rely on what I am stating right now as Dove is one of the most dermatologist-recommended products on the market.

This soap contains soap-based shaving solutions as well. This bar is moisturizing and soft enough to be applied on your face to give you maximum smoothness when shaving. Moreover, what I really love about this product is its affordable price as well. You can already get this set of 14 bar soaps at a very reasonable price!

The only thing I did not like about these soaps is their size, which is very small. As a result, every soap quickly shrinks after every usage.

Why Do I Have Body Odor?

If you are always experiencing body odor, remember that you are not alone. Body odor is a widespread problem that can have a negative impact on a person’s overall health. It is caused by bacterial reactions in sweat rather than sweat alone. It’s a prevalent fallacy that body odor is caused by perspiration. Human perspiration, in fact, is practically odorless.

Body odor is caused by bacteria on a person’s skin building protein molecules in perspiration, resulting in the development of odor. The human body may generate a multitude of odorants, which are compounds that contain an odor.

Numerous compounds in our skin and our entire body as well are necessary for normal bodily mechanisms, and they do not usually produce undesirable scents in minimal quantities. Unfortunately, an overabundance of these compounds on the skin might generate unpleasant odors, and that could be the main reason why you have body odor.

Because hormonal and sweat glands get more active throughout puberty, body odor turns to be more noticeable. Obese people and those with particular medical disorders including diabetes are more prone to developing unpleasant body odors.

Just like what I said earlier, the sweat itself does not contain any strong odor. The quick growth of bacteria and subsequent breakdown of sweat into acids, on the other hand, might result in foul odors. If you tend to sweat a lot, you may be more vulnerable to producing body odor.

What Causes Body Odor?

Eccrine and apocrine sweat glands are the two primary types of sweat glands. Eccrine glands are found all over the body and emerge directly onto the skin’s surface. These glands generate fluids that cool your skin when they vaporize as your body heat increases.

Apocrine glands can be located in hairy parts of your body including your armpits and groin. When you’re stressed, these glands emit a milky substance. This fluid has no odor itself. However, when it comes into contact with bacteria located in your skin, you will then start to have a body odor. This is the main cause of body odor.

However, these are some of the factors that might also cause body odor:

  • Wearing unwashed and dirty clothes. You can experience body odor if you wear the same clothing repeatedly without laundering them. The fabric of a shirt comes into contact with your skin behind your arms, over your back, as well as between your breasts and chest, all of which are sweat-prone spots. If your sweat comes into contact with your filthy clothing, you will develop a body odor.
  • Regularly wearing clothes made out of synthetic fabric. It would be impossible for sweat to escape in clothes that are made out of synthetic fabric. This induces sweat to remain on the body’s skin, stimulating the formation of bacteria that can create body odor if the body is not properly cleaned and maintained.
  • Constant intake of alcoholic drinks. Body odor can be caused by consuming alcohol daily. When you drink alcohol, it passes through your pores. Once your liver is weakened, however, it metabolizes less alcohol, allowing more to escape through your body odor.
  • Overly consuming sugar. According to several studies, consuming too many sweets increases the chances of having body odor. When you eat too many sugary treats, your body produces too much yeast, which converts the sugars to alcohol and leads to odor. To prevent body odor, it would be beneficial to minimize the amount of sugar consumed.
  • Infections that have gone untreated. Persistent infection can often be the root of body odor. Skin diseases caused by bacterial or fungal infections can stimulate a foul odor. Internal infections of the kidney and liver can also play a role in generating body odor.

Buying Guides

Best Soaps & Body Washes for Body Odor


When it comes to ingredients, search for skin-friendly components like ceramides, niacinamide, and fatty acids, which can be found in all of the best body washes to fight body odor.

You can look for pH-neutral, microbiome-gentle, and sulfate-free body washes since they include some of the safest compounds. These ingredients aid in maintaining your natural skin barrier and ensuring that your skin’s protective layer is functioning properly against odor-causing bacteria.


Antimicrobial soaps and body washes are more capable of eradicating disease-causing bacteria than conventional soap and water. Bacteria proliferate and live on the odorless perspiration on your skin, causing body odor. When your feet are enclosed and don’t get enough air, they also might develop an unpleasant odor. However, antimicrobial body soaps and washes target the bacteria that cause foot and body odor.

If you’re worried that an antimicrobial body wash or soap will dry out your skin or make it itchy, search for body washes and soaps that are designed to clean while also hydrating and maintaining your skin’s natural barrier.


Numerous people believe that the scent of a body wash or soap is one of the most crucial factors to consider, especially if you are dealing with body odor. Well, I would also like to agree with that! Since your body wash fragrance often becomes your personal scent, this is indeed a major consideration.

There are several things you can use as inspiration when selecting a scent, such as a season, your absolute favorite candles, or your preferred body sprays. Plus, there are plenty of exceptional smells to select from such as citrusy, flowery, fresh, fruity, sweet, and woodsy. These are some of the pleasant scents that you may find attractive.

Skin Type

You can hydrate, cure acne, relieve discomfort, and make yourself smell better with the proper soap and body wash for body odor. However, our skins have different reactions to various components. Here are some of the things you have to remember when choosing a soap and body wash to ensure that it will work well with your skin type:

Acne-Prone Skin

While in the shower, you can exfoliate your skin with a sponge and a body wash that includes salicylic or glycolic acid to gently wipe off dead skin cells and keep pores clean. Tea tree oil, which is an organic astringent, can be utilized to help minimize acne-causing bacteria-induced irritation.

Sensitive and Dry Skin

A body wash with moisturizer generally works well with sensitive skin, as well as ones that are fragrance- and dye-free. Glycerin can also help your sensitive or dry skin retain moisture. You may also use sunflower seed oil, which contains skin-softening Vitamin E, and oatmeal-based body washes if your skin is often irritated.

How to Get Rid of Body Odor

Take a Shower Everyday to Maintain Enough Body Cleanliness and Freshness

Showering at least once a day will help to remove perspiration and certain germs from your skin. Whenever bacteria on your skin combine with sweat, they proliferate fast and produce a horrible smell. That is why it is essential to take a bath every day with the appropriate body wash and soap. Body odor can be eliminated by washing intensely, particularly in spots where you sweat a lot.

Use Antimicrobial Soap or Body Wash

Bathing properly with an antimicrobial soap or body wash will assist in eliminating bacteria, which will aid in the disappearance of body odor. Normally, antimicrobial soaps and body washes have the label “antibacterial” on the front packaging. However, if you have sensitive skin, make sure that the antibacterial properties your soap or body wash uses are organic or sensitive-skin-friendly.

Wipe Your Body with a Clean Towel Gently yet Thoroughly to Keep You Completely Dry

After taking a bath, thoroughly dry yourself, giving particular focus to every area where you sweat excessively. It would be difficult for bacteria that produce body odor to thrive on your skin if you dry it properly with a clean towel.

Use an Efficient Antiperspirant

Apply an efficient antiperspirant on your armpits after you are clean and dry. Antiperspirants normally include aluminum chloride, a substance that helps to keep sweat away, as well as a deodorant. It should be used twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

A strong antiperspirant does not require a prescription. Search for products that claim to be more effective against fighting sweat and odors. Consult your doctor about prescription antiperspirants if your skin necessitates special treatment.

Always Wear Clean and Breathable Clothes

If you’re sweating a lot, you should change your clothes more frequently. Body odor can be reduced by wearing clean clothing. Plus, I recommend wearing clothes with breathable fabrics so that the sweat will not get trapped on your skin and release a bad odor. Always change your socks as well, especially if you have a problem with foot odor. If necessary, apply deodorant powders in your shoes and change your insoles regularly.


Finding the best soaps & body washes for body odor could be quite challenging as there are a plethora of options obtainable in the market. But do you know what’s more challenging? Constantly dealing with body odor. This is why I have collected the best-quality soaps and body washes so you will not experience a hard time finding the right product for you and your needs.

Therefore, remember the factors you have to take into account whenever you are looking for soap or body wash, such as the ingredients, antimicrobial properties, scent, and the possible reaction of your skin to various compounds. By keeping all of these things in mind, no doubt you will find the product that will assist you in fighting and preventing body odor.

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