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If you’re buying the best spray tan machine for home use, it better suit your tanning requirements and other personal preferences you might have. But the most important thing is for the machine to be easy to use, lightweight to handle, and actually effective (because even fake tans, when done right, can look natural!).

More than one configuration available, these machines can seem complicated structures to someone who’s just decided to spray tan at home. But surely a safer alternative to using a tanning bed or tanning in the sun. In fact, not only safer but more convenient too cause you really don’t have to go anywhere anymore to get tanned.

So how about making the process of buying less confusing and more streamlined!

Norvell Sunless Kit M1000 HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Machine
Top Pick
Norvell Sunless Kit M1000 HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Machine
  • Professional-grade HVLP spray tanning system kit
  • Quieter, lighter, and more efficient
  • Adjustable spray pattern and minimal overspray
MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning Kit
Runner Up
MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning Kit
  • Very lightweight, beginner-friendly HVLP airbrush tan system
  • Spray gun adjustability and clog-free operation
  • Over 10 applications per day
Fascination Naked Sun Spray Tanning Machine System Kit
Easiest to Use
Fascination Naked Sun Spray Tanning Machine System Kit
  • Lightweight, user-friendly airbrush tanning gun
  • One button control perfect for beginners
  • Adjustable nozzle for a streak-free, even-looking tan
Belloccio Premium T75 Sunless Turbine Spray Tanning System
Most Inexpensive to Buy
Belloccio Premium T75 Sunless Turbine Spray Tanning System
  • Super-affordable, super-lightweight, super-quiet
  • Very durable, flexible air hose (9 feet)
  • Fast-drying, nourishing tanning solution
Fuji Spray Sunless 2100 studioTAN HVLP Spray Tan System
Best for Both Professional and Personal Use
Fuji Spray Sunless 2100 studioTAN HVLP Spray Tan System
  • HVLP spray gun with adjustable spray pattern and flow control
  • Turbine motor remains cool with Heat Dissipation Box
  • Made for touch-ups and lengthy applications
Norvell Oasis Spray Airbrush Spray Tan Machine
Best Mini-Sized Spray Tan Machine
Norvell Oasis Spray Airbrush Spray Tan Machine
  • Mini spray tan device with removable spray head
  • Spray pattern adjustability and light, compact design
  • Sunless tanning formula with extra solution bottle
Existing Beauty Bronze Tan Professional Spray Tan Machine
Best Mid-Range Spray Tan Machine
Existing Beauty Bronze Tan Professional Spray Tan Machine
  • Airbrush tan machine with quality tanning solution
  • Easy assembly, cleaning, and operation
  • Perfect for quick, efficient, dark tanning results
MaxiMist Allure Xena Sunless Spray Tanning System
Best for Multiple Applications Per Day
MaxiMist Allure Xena Sunless Spray Tanning System
  • Beginner-friendly spray tan machine with carry handle
  • Vertical and horizontal spray patterns with flow adjustments
  • Built to handle over 25 tanning sessions per day

1. Norvell Sunless Kit M1000 HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Machine – The #1 Choice!

Norvell Sunless Kit - M1000 Mobile HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Machine
  • Professional sunless tanning brand
  • Lightweight HVLP system for smooth application
  • The sturdy base doesn’t topple over
  • Norvell tanning solution with antioxidants and vitamins
  • Only the nozzle is removable

The Norvell spray tan machine is the best choice for those who just cannot do without a tan every few days. So why waste your money on professional spray tans when you don’t even have the time to visit the salon all that often! Enter Norwell brand that offers the most convenient solution. Although it is slightly pricey but worth the money for sure!

Even if you have never used an at-home spray tanning machine, this one’s very easy to operate and handle. Of course, there’s a learning curve to it! But the most important thing is that the machine sprays well – it blows and sprays simultaneously, which is great as that saves time by tanning and drying you at the same time.

The portable, compact design (hair-dryer-like) is also very useful for quick and easy home applications. The nozzle (micro-mist) is a removable component, hence easy to clean up. And it really knows how to smoothly mist the tanning formula onto the skin to form a tan that, even though fake, looks very light and natural.

2. MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning Kit

MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT
  • Very lightweight HVLP spray tan system
  • The spray gun features adjustable pattern and flow
  • High-powered for atomization of fine mist
  • Vegan, natural, organic spray tanning solution
  • Difficult-to-fold tent
  • Leaky spray gun

A very close second, MaxiMist Lite Spray Tan Machine (yet another HVLP airbrush tanning gun) is one of the very few units that deserve attention. Especially from those who’ve decided to switch to spray tanning at home instead of going to tanning salons, which do seem to have become so very expensive of late.

Just one application using this machine is enough to realize just how easy it all is. It goes without saying that tanning the back and other such difficult-to-access areas is the only downside but then this drawback applies to every tanning system you use at home. However, spraying your arms, chest, and face is a cakewalk!

The sample tanning formulas are also very likable, just like Norvell’s high-quality solutions. They dry very quickly, which sort of speeds up the whole thing. Speaking of which, this MaxiMist machine can perform a minimum of 10 applications a day.

3. Fascination Naked Sun Spray Tanning Machine System Kit

Naked Sun Fascination Spray Tanning Machine System Kit
  • Compact, portable airbrush tan system
  • Adjustable nozzle and one-button operation
  • Self-standing design for easy, quick home applications
  • Loud machine
  • Overspray complaints are quite common
  • Pop-up tanning tent not included

Only a few tanning sessions and you will have got the hang of using a spray tan machine like this at home without any help. Surely much less expensive in comparison to tanning at professional salons!

The best way to go about it is to make sure the nozzle is kept a little far off your skin. Since that nozzle can be adjusted, choose the lowest setting to play safe and to prevent overspray and wasting the precious tanning fluid.

And to clean up, all you have to do is rinse the different parts using water.  Moreover, the handle is ergonomically designed and the machine, on its own, is very lightweight and portable.

Then you also get the convenience of a user-friendly experience (single button control turbine). Even though made for home use, this sunless airbrush tanning gun is powerful for diverse tanning applications. All thanks to the consistent, reliable airflow!

4. Belloccio Premium T75 Sunless Turbine Spray Tanning System

Belloccio Premium T75 Sunless Turbine Spray Tanning System
  • High-tech, lightweight HVLP spray tan gun
  • Super-compact design and detailed user manual
  • Professional tanning formula with antioxidants and vitamins
  • No flow control
  • Tends to leak and get clogged

A more affordable way to spray tan your skin as a pro presents itself in the form of this premium quality, professional-grade Belloccio machine. It’s a high volume low pressure (HVLP) unit, which means it’s lightweight, quiet, and efficient with no overheating issues. Add to that a non-sticky, fast-drying tan!

The nozzle is adjustable here too, so there’s no reason to believe that just because it costs only a little over $100, you’re not going to get something worth all that time and effort you put into tanning.

Not only is the machine simple to use but the tanning formula included is also very surprisingly effective and long-lasting. Formulated with hydrating, anti-aging ingredients, the tanning solution brings about an even and natural-looking tan that works with every skin type.

5. Fuji Spray Sunless 2100 studioTAN HVLP Spray Tan System

Fuji Spray Sunless 2100 studioTAN HVLP Spray Tan System
  • Professional, great quality HVLP spray tan system
  • Very powerful yet lightweight and quiet
  • An even, consistent spray pattern
  • Easy-to-clean filters with noise reduction covers
  • Too much overspray

If you’ve just started tanning at home or launched your own tanning business, Fuji Spray is a highly recommended and reliable brand. Their spray guns, including this 2100 studioTAN HVLP spray tan system, are easy to operate and also quick to clean.

And as for spraying evenly, the well-built spray pattern, with adjustable flow control, works for both minor touch-ups and lengthy body tanning sessions.

The machine is affordable and portable yet powerful enough for a professional-looking tan appearance.

But what really caught my attention was the inclusion of a Heat Dissipation Box, which collects and then throws away any excess heat during the tanning process without producing any whistling or hissing noise. The turbine motor, as a result, runs cooler and offers a much longer lifespan.

6. Norvell Oasis Spray Airbrush Spray Tan Machine

Oasis Spray Tan Machine Kit Bundled with Norvell Cosmo Airbrush Spray Tanning Sunless Solution
  • Handheld, mini system with adjustable spray pattern
  • Precise mist atomization through the tough nozzle
  • Stable base, so no worries about it toppling over
  • Safety features are also installed
  • During tanning, leaks can be a nuisance

A low-maintenance, on-the-go spray tan machine by Norvell, Oasis is a compact, lightweight system built with no hoses or bulky cabinets. Yet the turbo-charged fan is powerful enough for producing airflow reminiscent of full-sized salon spray tanning booths.

The nozzle, which, once again, is micro-mist like the top choice (also by Norvell), has the capacity to give you a streak-free, bronzed tan. You can remove the spray head for easy cleaning or add on the extra ones. Then there’s the spray pattern adjustability too – your options are round, vertical fan, and horizontal fan.

A vitamin-enriched tanning formula is also included in the kit. But it’s the thoughtful engineering of this mini-sized spray tan device that seems like the best part as it makes for a quite fun at-home tanning experience.

7. Existing Beauty Bronze Tan Professional Spray Tan Machine

  • HVLP airbrush tanning kit that’s easy to use
  • Professional bronze tan solution
  • Lightweight design and comfortable, grippy handle
  • Overheats and oversprays sometimes

If your experience using these kinds of home and professional tanning devices has not been a good one, it’s time to turn to the current model. The machine under the radar is NOT loud. At the same time, NO clogging complaints either. Just extremely easy in terms of working and cleaning! And also small and portable!

A flawless application that is also streak-free – that’s the sort of experience you should be looking forward to. Perfect for achieving a golden glow without having to expose your skin to the harmful rays of the sun!

The quality itself is better in every way possible when you compare it to higher-end spray tanning units. Plus, quiet operation, which seems like another important box checked for home applications.

8. MaxiMist Allure Xena Sunless Spray Tanning System

MaxiMist Allure Xena Sunless Spray Tanning System
  • Lightweight, beginner-friendly tan machine
  • Flow adjustments and different spray patterns
  • Even coverage through fine mist atomization
  • Tanning solution – paraben-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free
  • Splatter-free only on the lowest setting
  • Not the most durable nozzle or machine

A spray tanning system that can handle one session after another, MaxiMist Allure Xena is a highly rated choice among tanning enthusiasts and those who run their own tanning business.

You may hear or read complaints about the machine splattering tanning fluid but that’s only because the lowest setting is not used. At the lowest force, no chance of over-spraying is possible.

Also, setting it all up is super quick and easy. And so is moving the unit from one place to another. Just make sure to read the instructions properly.

Furthermore, there are no overheating concerns plus the air pressure is great for when it comes to quickly drying the tanning solution to save time.

Why Use A Spray Tan Machine At Home – Benefits of A Spray Tan Machine

There could be many reasons for using a spray tanning machine – maybe you’re a tanning enthusiast who cannot afford to always go to a professional salon just to get that attractive-looking golden-brown, bronzed glow.

After all, a complete at-home spray tan set is certainly more affordable in comparison to how much you probably must be spending at professional salons in just 1, 2, or 3 months (depending on how frequently you get a fake tan).

But with a kit like this, the door to unlimited tanning sessions at home is wide open. The only money you then have to spend is on a good tanning solution, which surely isn’t as expensive as those professional spray tanning excursions at the salon!

Another very compelling reason – you get the perfect, professional-looking fake tan. And all this without having to use too much of the tanning formula! Plus, better coverage as well.

Tanning then becomes so much easier and also faster once you understand how to use the equipment at your disposal.

And thanks to modern technology, spray tanning devices and machines are now outfitted with upgraded, more practical features that don’t attract previously cited common complaints. Such as lack of portability, complicated and time-consuming clean-up, design limitations, components of the tan machine going bad, and things like that.

No doubt, the newer models now are better equipped in every which way. Hence, your tanning sessions go smooth, and that’s just how your golden tan looks even!

So the benefits include…

  • Simple to use, even if you’re a beginner.
  • Faster tanning with well-distributed, precise coverage.
  • Minimal chances of getting over-sprayed.
  • You can customize/control the color and intensity of the tan.
  • Sunless tanning, thus longer-lasting results. Also, getting a sunless tan means no skin-damaging UV exposure to both natural (sun) rays and artificial (tanning bed) radiation.
  • And lastly, you don’t have to waste your money or time at professional spray tan booths anymore.

Choosing the Best Spray Tanning Machine for Home Use

1. First and Foremost, Spray Gun or Airbrush Gun?

A spray tan gun covers larger areas more quickly while the airbrush version takes around 30 to 40 minutes for completing only a single session.

The former is a more suitable option even if you have a petite body – it evenly tans all over with fewer passes while the quantity of tanning solution used remains the same throughout. Fewer passes plus the consistency of how much solution is used equals a more blended, even-looking tan.

As for airbrush tanning guns, opt for these only if you’ve been visiting salons with just airbrush services.

But then also keep in mind that choosing a spray tanning gun is not always the right thing to do because these machines have an excessively big spray pattern. And that means having to use more of the tanning solution for achieving the same result all over. This also leaves you with more solution going to waste. So pick wisely!

2. Cup Size

It’s only natural to assume that not every machine features the same cup size. With some, you can perform not more than 1-2 applications only while there are others that are built for several uses.

The second option is perfect for you if you don’t like the idea of having to refill that cup each time you wish to spray tan at home.

But choosing a smaller cup size is no less common either because many tanning enthusiasts prefer to add the tanning formula right before every session. At least this way you know that a fresh layer of solution is being sprayed rather than the fluid that’s probably become stale and ineffective because it’s been in there for a while.

However, it only makes sense to go for a bigger-sized cup if your tanning sessions are less far apart. Then it’s just convenient to not have to refill fluid each time.

As for how much of the tanning solution is needed for full-body coverage, approx. 2 ounces (anything more and you run the risk of going overboard). Now you decide what is the most suitable cup size for your at-home tanning demands!

3. Gravity Feed or Siphon Feed?

This one’s based on where on the machine its cup is installed. In a way then, the said feature has nothing to do with, not directly at least, performance. Instead, it determines the tanning formula capacity as well as the time taken to refill the cup.

With a siphon feed system, that’s when the placement of the cup is either at the machine’s bottom or side, the tanning solution reaches the nozzle via air suction.

As for gravity feed (cup positioned at the top), gravity is used for transporting the fluid to that nozzle for enabling dispersion.

So which one is better?

Siphon feed offers greater versatility.  Because, in the case of side-placed siphon feed, the smaller cup allows for more convenient rotation of the machine during use. Thus, an unobstructed view of tanning strokes.

While bottom-located siphon-feed designs, with larger-sized cups, let you change the tanning fluid color if and when required (for darker results).

On the other hand, the gravity feed mechanism provides more control, thus works better in terms of fine-detailed applications. Many of these machines also come with extra cups for different shades of tanning formulas. Separate lids and caps are included too for identifying the different colors, along with preventing the liquid from drying.

4. Adjustable Nozzle

The face requires smaller, closer coverage because of the presence of crevices (so the ‘round’ spray pattern is best for this).

While the back region of your body is much plainer yet larger to cover, which means wider, longer tanning strokes. And this means the nozzle of the tanning device must be adjustable for different parts of the body.

Moreover, with this adjustable nozzle, you can also control the amount of tanning spray used during your session. For example, less fluid for when you want to do just a touch-up in case of uneven coverage.

5. Volume of Use – Light, Medium, or Heavy Use?

Tans machines for both professional and home use are usually rated light, medium, or heavy use. The light-use models, naturally, are more fitting for home tanning applications. While heavy-duty machines are used in professional salons.

In the end, it all depends on how many tanning sessions per day you perform. Some are specifically built for not more than 1-2 uses a day, which means these are most likely to overheat and get damaged as a response to overuse. So then why not choose a more professional, heavy-duty unit for multiple applications per day?

With medium-use and heavy-use, the range of applications per day is between 10 and 50+. On the other hand, light-use designs are specially crafted for low-key, at-home tanning.

Speaking of the volume of use, here’s another relevant, more specific factor…

6. Pressure System – HVLP or LVLP?

HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure and LVLP stands for Low Volume Low Pressure. And the most common of the two is the HVLP spray tan system for home use, for the simple reason that it’s more lightweight, efficient, quieter, and also doesn’t waste your tanning product. Along with being less susceptible to overheating!

As for LVLP, this is comparatively a lot more affordable, which explains why it’s also slower and louder as far as performance is concerned. Also, the low ‘operating’ pressure is not the easiest to use, thus LVLP spray tanning machines are not picked by the majority. That’s why most people, especially beginners, choose HVLP.

7. Cleaning

Is the spray tan device easy and quick to clean? Tanning can create a real, huge mess, irrespective of how careful or experienced you may be. Chances are that the tanning formula is going to come in contact with other surfaces and things (due to fluid changes, excess emission, etc.).

At this point then I think you’d like to know that LVLP (low volume low pressure) spray tanning systems do not create too much of a mess. These are more lightweight, less prone to leaking during use, and easier to control and handle while tanning.

Along the same vein, a machine with more moving components is always better as opposed to one with fewer movable parts. In the case of the former, you get to pull apart more sections to make cleaning easier and also more thorough.

8. Noise

Nobody wants to buy any appliance, machine, or device that’s noisy, right? You’ll get a headache yourself and give your fellow housemates and maybe even neighbors one too!

But how do you find out if the unit’s noisy or not? Check the product’s customer reviews. And to be honest, a noiseless spray tan machine (i.e. quiet-working motor) is something the manufacturer’s going to boast about. So also make sure to check the product’s description.

Quite ironically, HVLP (high volume low pressure) models are the quietest. While LVLP (low volume low pressure) ones are the loudest.

9. Weight

Some of these machines are bulkier while some have a more lightweight, compact structure. And if the product size and weight matter, then don’t forget to have a closer look at such details to avoid any inconveniences.

You might also like to know that add-ons or accessories increase weight. For instance, the cup that goes inside and in that cup you fill in the tanning formula – both add more weight by a few ounces.

And then you also have the placement of those cups (siphon feed or gravity feed discussed in point number 3 above) that have an impact on the overall weight.

10. Price

The safest approach is to stick with popular brands and models. In most cases though, spray tanning machines that are more expensive are better in terms of quality and performance. But this doesn’t mean you should be paying an unreasonably exorbitant amount for a smaller, more portable, single-unit spray tanning device. This type usually costs around $40.

You also get airbrush tanning guns for as little as $20.

As for the bigger, heavier-duty models (more suited for professional, salon-grade applications), they are priced at $4,000. And these kinds of all-in-one spray tan systems include a spray gun, turbine, tent, floor fan, connecting hose, tanning liquid cups, nose filters, safety glasses, sunless tanner formula, and maybe even some more accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs About Spray Tan Machines

Should I Also Get A Spray Tan Tent?

A tanning tent, first of all, is a very unique, stylish, space-saving, convenient-to-use pop-up tent. It opens up and even folds down very quickly and neatly. Whether you need one or not depends on you wanting to keep over-sprays, unavoidable during tanning sessions, off your home walls, floor, and furniture.

Can You Use A Spray Tan Machine On Yourself?

The undertaking of spray tanning on your own at home with the best spray tanning machine IS POSSIBLE. Although it’s easier said than done for some people but it isn’t something you cannot learn over time. Just be patient with yourself because the fake tan might not look perfect on your first try.

However, tanning difficult-to-reach areas (such as your back) may require someone else to do the job for you. Nevertheless, here’s a very helpful video demonstration…

Are Spray Tan Machines Good?

As long as you’re using a high-quality spray tan machine at home, the process is very effective as well as much quicker in comparison to tanning beds. In fact, spray tans (achieved by both spray gun and airbrush gun) offer a relatively lesser threat of skin damage since there’s no involvement of natural or artificial UV radiation.

Just make sure to choose an at-home spray tan device equipped with a soft, solid spray pattern, fine nozzle, well-balanced and lightweight design, comfortable and tapered handle, and the ability to give you a streak-free, flawless, even-looking tan.

Where to Buy Spray Tan Formula?

No spray tanning machine is going to work without tanning fluid. So if you’ve run out of the tanning solution you got with the at-home tan kit, you can check the website of the brand to buy refills.

Or you could just purchase another tanning formula altogether but make sure it works with the machine you have (although this may produce different results, so don’t be surprised).

What Are the Different Kinds of Spray Tan Machines?

There are two types of spray tan machines – LVLP (low volume low pressure) and HVLP (high volume low pressure). Each, needless to say, presents its own unique benefits. For example, LVLP is more efficient, lightweight, and quieter (thus, the most commonly used) while HVLP is more inexpensive to buy.

There’s also a third option actually, which takes the form of airbrush tanning guns. These seem like a more fitting choice if the spray pattern of LVLP and HVLP tan systems is too large for your small, low-key tanning applications.

How Long Should I Wait to Shower After Tanning?

Shower after tanning is something you have to think twice about if you want your fresh, golden glow to last for longer. So if you just got done with your spray tan session, avoid hopping into the shower immediately. Allow the bronzers to get absorbed thoroughly in order to bring about a dark, evenly formed tan, which takes around 3-4 hours.

How Long Does A Spray Tan Last?

Be it spray tanning or sun-tanning, both last for about 7-10 days because skin cells are constantly shedding and regenerating naturally. But you can make your tan last a little bit longer.

Do Spray and Airbrush Tanning Look Natural?

A fake or sunless tan, achieved through the process of both spray and airbrush tanning, can and does look natural AND attractive. We often think that only a suntan will look streak-free, even, and natural, which is only a common myth.

But if you do it right, you can be sure you won’t end up looking like an orange. When you really understand how to spray tan at home, your skin is bound to get that perfect radiant glow, much like a natural suntan but without actually exposing your skin to harsh, damaging UV rays.

Final Words

So is a spray tan machine at home really worth it? When you compare it with salon tanning booths, the deal certainly seems way cheaper. Plus, at home, you also get to control the intensity and color of your tan. So no need to book any appointment or even leave your house just for that bronzed look!

The only, only downside is tanning those difficult-to-reach areas, such as your back, on your own. You might need someone else for that!

Nonetheless, the benefits are aplenty, especially the cost-effectiveness and convenience. So long as you’re choosing the right product, you really have nothing to worry about. In that case, with these top-rated reviews and the comprehensive buying guide, all that’s left for you to do is get past that not-so-smooth first attempt!

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