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It is a misery to have wrinkles around your eyes. However, you will not have to worry about these little wrinkles ruining your lovely eye makeup any longer. You can maintain a flawless surface for making your eyes appear stunning using the best under eye primers.

Under-eye primers, like any other primer, are worth applying if you want protection while also keeping your sensitive eye area hydrated. Under-eye primers are abundant in the cosmetic business, and they address several issues such as concealing wrinkles and even minimizing their undesirable effect.

You have to depend on a much-needed buddy – a reliable under-eye primer – to free yourself from anxiously wiping your under-eye zone from time to time just to fix your creased makeup. Primers come in a variety of forms, from hydrating under-eye treatments to those types that shield you against rapid aging in the precious area around your eyes.

I have compiled a list of the best wrinkle-fighting under-eye primers, so you can focus on finding the one that will work effectively for you. This list will also assist you in selecting the one that perfectly suits your needs so that you can effortlessly master your eye makeup the next time you go out. Let us begin!

1. SmashBox Photo Finish

  • Hydrates and effectively minimizes eye wrinkles
  • Infused with a crease-free formulation
  • Prevents makeup smudging and fading
  • Comes in a standard natural color
  • Can help in reducing the appearance of dark spots and eyebags
  • Slightly runny consistency

This under-eye primer by SmashBox is one of the smartest options, especially if you are searching for a primer that is easy to use and can take maximum care of your primary skin concerns including wrinkles. It comes in a convenient liquid-in-a-tube shape and provides a standard natural color that complements most skin tones.

Simply it onto your face and watch as it smooths out the creases and lines, allowing you to overlay it with makeup and go on with your day. It also resists smudging and has a crease-resistant formulation that keeps the eye makeup in place for many hours. This under-eye primer also moisturizes and softens the eye area.

Moreover, it protects your eye makeup from gradually fading. This primer enhances the brilliance of colors as well. Indeed, It is popular among ladies because of its excellent potential to minimize dark spots and eye bags.

The only drawback with this eye primer is its slightly runny consistency. Some people may find it a bit hard to apply to the eye area.

2. e.l.f. Cosmetics Hydrating Under Eye Primer

  • Provides optimal hydration
  • Makes your eyes appear vibrant
  • Reduces the look of dark circles in your eyes.
  • Vegan; purely contains organic properties
  • PETA-approved
  • Requires a concealer before application; colorless primer

If you currently have concealer and foundation and only need a primer to make them stay for hours while treating your dry skin, this under-eye primer might be a great choice. The e.l.f Hydrating Under-Eye Primer clears out wrinkles under your eyes and creates an even layer for concealer to give your eyes a vivid appearance.

Furthermore, the moisturizing formulation of this eye primer keeps the delicate skin around the eyes nourished. This peach-toned primer also works to conceal fine lines. The maker of this eye primer guarantees that its solutions are vegan and cruelty-free, as evidenced by PETA certification.

This hydrating eye primer contains green tea, Ginkgo Biloba, shea butter, Aloe Vera, and other essential vitamins. These highly effective properties contribute to making your eyes appear smoother and fuller.

The only drawback of this eye primer is that it requires concealer before application since it is a colorless primer.

3. Becca Anti-fatigue Under Eye Primer

  • Enhances skin texture; makes the skin appear more radiant
  • Helps in concealing signs of tiredness
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Infused with matcha, cucumber, and caffeine
  • Has a velvety quality that absorbs well by the skin
  • Cannot hide dark circles very well

This primer with anti-aging properties made by Becca is your ideal companion, particularly if you have a very stressful schedule and are searching for a primer that covers your signs of tiredness. This product comes in the shape of a balm that brightens and reduces puffiness around the eyes.

During application, you can notice how it smooths out the look of wrinkles and lines by dabbing it underneath your eyes. It aims to minimize wrinkles and fine lines by combining the calming properties of cucumber, matcha, and caffeine. It has a silky smooth feel that blends in beautifully with your skin.

This botanical composition moisturizes the eye area and fights inflammation, generating a tighter and glowing complexion. You can also use it as a moisturizing balm to maintain your under-eye area silky and hydrated the entire day.

However, the only downside of this eye primer is that it cannot hide dark circles quite well.

4. It Cosmetics

  • Works very well with mature skin; gives a youthful appearance
  • Contains anti-aging peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, and hyaluronic acid
  • Can conceal dark circles, hyperpigmentation, and age spots
  • Long-lasting
  • Does not leave a sticky or oily feeling
  • Thick consistency; slightly hard to spread

You will love every last drop of this anti-aging, waterproof under-eye concealer, especially if you have mature skin. In terms of removing dark circles quickly, this eye primer by It Cosmetics might be the most ideal option. The composition lasts all day and provides you with a natural-looking youthful appearance.

Furthermore, this primer contains anti-aging peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants, and vitamins. This unique primer reduces wrinkle presence and efficiently masks facial blemishes such as dark circles, bags, redness, hyperpigmentation, damaged capillaries, and age spots.

Even a little amount of this product is enough to keep you going all day. In addition, the texture it leaves on your skin is neither sticky nor oily.

The issue, nonetheless, is its thick consistency. It is slightly difficult to spread on my under-eye area.

5. Monica Ann Beauty Dual-Action Eye Shadow Primer

  • Extends the longevity of your eye makeup
  • Helps you achieve a crease-free eyeshadow
  • Enriched with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C
  • Great for mature, oily, and dry skin
  • Protect makeup from fading and becoming oily
  • Grainy texture

This smooth, oil-free, sweat-proof primer by Monica Ann Beauty nourishes skin with carefully selected skincare components that allow you to achieve a stunning makeup look without compromising the quality of your healthy skin. With their distinctive dual-action primer, you can produce a crease-free eyeshadow.

Aside from that, this primer includes vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, both of which are beneficial nutrients for regulating and moisturizing skin for a younger-looking appearance. Vitamin C lightens dark skin tones, while hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps the skin around the eyes, reducing the appearance of age spots and wrinkles.

In addition, this primer is sweat-resistant and oil-free, making it a great option for mature, oily, and dry skin. It settles quickly and keeps makeup in place throughout the day and night without fading, creasing, or becoming greasy.

On the other hand, the problem with this primer is its grainy texture, which is slightly uncomfortable when applied to the skin.

6. Elizabeth Mott Thank Me

  • Ultimately fights oiliness with its pearl powder
  • Brightens your under-eye area
  • Prevents creases in your eyelids
  • Minimizes lines and wrinkles
  • Keeps makeup in place
  • Dries out in a matte texture
  • Not ideal to pair with a matte concealer

You can try this eye shadow primer by Elizabeth Mott if you want a versatile alternative that will offer you great value for money. It is primarily intended to act as a protective primer. It prevents creases in your eyelids, and it also works wonders in the under-eye zone.

The pearl powder in this under-eye primer brightens your eye area and gives you a more pleasant appearance. Furthermore, it improves the overall tone and texture of your skin. For people who suffer from oiliness underneath their eyes, the active pearl powder in this primer can help as well.

Additionally, this primer keeps your makeup in place, ensuring that your foundation and concealer will not fade. It also minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. As long as you apply this, your under-eye makeup will not disappear or split out into creases and fine lines.

The only minor issue with this primer is that it dries out in a very matte texture, so it may not be ideal to match it with a matte concealer.

7. Revlon PhotoReady

  • Easy-to-spread gel formula
  • Utilizes photochromatic pigments to deflect sun rays
  • Makes your skin appear gentle and flawless
  • Does not contain oil, talc, fragrance, and parabens
  • Minimizes age spots, wrinkles, and creases
  • You need to apply a large amount of this primer to achieve great results

This under-eye primer by Revlon, formulated in a gel composition, spreads smoothly in the under-eye area of your skin, making it very easy to apply on your skin. It uses photochromatic pigments that deflect sun rays away. This solution makes your under eyes seem clearer and more flawless, giving you a more radiant complexion.

Moreover, this eye primer evenly distributes around the eyes, enhancing the overall area. The fact that this under-eye wrinkle primer is oil-free, talc-free, fragrance-free, and paraben-free, you can, without a doubt, use this primer very safely.

Aside from that, this product is a lightweight formulation that evens out your skin tone while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and creases around your eyes. You can use it not just underneath the eyes, but on the eyelids as well.

The only disadvantage with this eye primer though is that you need to apply a large amount on your eye area to achieve good results.

8. Urban Decay

  • Maintains the vibrancy of eyeshadow for hours
  • Contains Dermaxyl to help in minimizing wrinkles
  • Uses Kalpariane to plump and tighten skin
  • Significantly reduces age spots
  • Vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free
  • Runny consistency

This nude eyelid primer from Urban Decay evens up complexion while keeping eye shadow vibrant and crease-free the entire day. It can also provide desirable results on oily lids. The Dermaxyl in this formulation aids to reduce wrinkle appearance, while Kalpariane plumps, tightens, and nourishes skin thus improving elasticity and firmness.

Furthermore, this eye primer significantly reduces age spots, making it ideal for mature skin. It diminishes inflammation and enhances skin texture, as well as the appearance of weary and droopy eyes. It accentuates the appearance of metallic, shimmery, matte, and glittery eyeshadows, ensuring that they stay brilliant the whole day.

Moreover, you can use this with peace of mind as it is purely vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. With only a smidgeon of this eyelid primer applied before your eyeshadow, you will have a long-lasting and stunning eyeshadow look.

The drawback, however, is its runny consistency.

9. L’Oreal Paris Magic

  • Enhances the longevity of your under-eye and facial makeup
  • 2-in-1 primer; acts as an under-eye and facial primer
  • Reduces pore size
  • Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Gorgeous matte texture
  • Thick consistency; difficult to spread

Perhaps your nose has huge pores, small wrinkles around the lips, and bags under your eyes. Well, you can always purchase a primer that addresses all of these issues at once, and this eye primer by L’Oreal can help you with that. This primer mainly helps in evening out your skin tone to hide flaws and provides a strong base for long-lasting makeup.

The silky and smooth primer decreases pore size, resulting in a flawless base for coverage that combats large pores. Furthermore, it blends well into your under-eye zone, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles to avoid creases. It miraculously conceals all of your skin issues throughout the day.

Indeed, this is a multi-purpose primer that is best used all over your face and under your eyes. Every application will leave a gorgeous matte texture. Plus, you do not have to pay hundreds of dollars on primers for every part of your face if you will just rely on this under-eye and face primer.

The only problem, nonetheless, with this 2-in-1 primer is its very thick consistency. It is difficult to spread on the skin.

10. Colorescience Total Eye

  • Quickly eliminates stubborn dark circles
  • Comes with a cooling applicator to calm the skin and minimize puffiness
  • Provides SPF 35 for added sun protection
  • Ophthalmologist-approved
  • Does not contain parabens, sulfates, and oil
  • Expensive

This magical eye primer by Colorescience is not just a great under-eye wrinkle primer; it is also enriched with a lot of beneficial ingredients.  It can eliminate undesirable dark circles in a breeze and lighten the under-eye area, making it a delight for people fighting obstinate dark circles.

Yes, you can rely on the cooling applicator included as it helps in calming the skin and minimizing puffiness. Fine lines and creases are also treated by having their appearances evened out and diminished. Aside from that, it incorporates mineral-based compounds that give SPF 35 broad-spectrum sun protection.

Furthermore, this eye primer is ophthalmologist-approved, so you can use it for sensitive eyes and also if you are wearing contacts. It does not contain parabens, sulfates, or oil. The primer also contains hyaluronic acid to help with hydration and other ingredients that help treat hyperpigmented skin.

The downside, on the other hand, is its price, which is quite expensive.

What Causes Under Eye Wrinkles?

Aging is the most prevalent cause of fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes. However, the following are some of the factors that contribute to under-eye wrinkles:

Ultraviolet (UV) Rays

The collagen in your skin could get segmented and broken down by harmful UV radiation. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your epidermis, and it is essential for the long-term stability of your facial structural system. Undefended sun exposure and sunbeds both emit ultraviolet radiation. Unprotected UV light exposure causes brittle skin and wrinkles to form quicker.


Smoking is arguably the biggest predictor of wrinkles in both males and females. Smoking causes your skin to be prone to oxidative damage, which weakens collagen production. Aside from that, smoking causes the blood vessels in your face to get their circulation obstructed, as well as depletes your skin of vitamin A.

Repeated Facial Expressions and Sleeping Habits

Wrinkles can form on your face as a result of facial expressions such as smiling, frowning, and furrowing your brows. Your sleeping pattern, if the same face tissues push up against a cushion every night, might cause you to develop fine lines as well.

As you get older, your skin ends up losing its capacity to return to its original position. According to studies, sleeping with your face tucked in your pillow might cause wrinkles around your eyes.

Why Do I Need an Under Eye Primer?

Your eye makeup will not settle into fine lines and wrinkles if you use an under-eye primer. I highly recommend applying a primer underneath your eyes if you always use your finger to even out wrinkled under-eye makeup persistently.

Aside from that, an under-eye primer will enhance your makeup and extend its longevity. It helps in keeping it looking fresh and prevents it from smudging and fading. If you do not use it, your eye makeup will fade during the day, leaving you with weary-looking eyes.

Furthermore, you do not need to wear complete makeup to apply an under-eye primer. In reality, it is a brilliant no-makeup solution. If you prefer to go bare-faced yet want to give your under-eye area an improvement and protection, you can use a primer to help minimize the look of dark spots and hydrate the skin under your eyes.

How To Choose Under Eye Primer Primer

Check the Ingredients

Ingredients are among the most crucial considerations to search for in all cosmetics, not just eye primers. In the long term, chemically-based ingredients can badly cause skin problems, especially to those individuals with sensitive skin.

Hence, choose a primer infused with natural ingredients such as plant-based hyaluronic acid, vitamins, Aloe Vera, shea butter, and so on. These ingredients will help rejuvenate and hydrate your skin, making it appear youthful.

Consider Anti-aging Agents

Wrinkles and age spots around the eyes are relatively prevalent symptoms of aging. Thus, an under-eye primer with substantial anti-aging properties is the perfect solution. Ginkgo Biloba, antioxidants, green tea, peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, and other age-defying compounds are commonly used to provide these benefits.

By using an eye primer with an aging spots eraser, you can now say goodbye to your fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness.

Additional Skincare Benefits           

Certain primers work as powerful anti-aging treatments by reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Choose the one that is high in antioxidants to help with aging or one that has SPF to defend your skin from UV rays. Many of them also include calming properties that help to relieve puffiness and tiredness.

A grease-free, hydrating, and vitamin-infused primer will protect your eye makeup from creeping into your facial lines. That will give you a perfect makeup foundation as well. It keeps your under-eye area nourished for longer, thanks to the flawless and oil-free canvas it produces.

How To Apply Under Eye Primer to Cover Under Eye Wrinkles

  • Wash your face to remove any pollutants. If you wish to use a facial cleanser rather than just clean water, make sure that it only contains organic ingredients.
  • To finish the first stage of hydration, apply toner to your face.
  • Gently massage your face with your selected moisturizer to keep it hydrated and prepare it for makeup.
  • Apply a pea-sized portion of your under-eye primer and dab it around your eyes very carefully. To mix it in, be cautious to massage it using your fingertips softly. Take the applicator to delicately dab powder primer around your eyes.
  • If necessary, use concealer to complete, or finalize with your foundation.
  • Start applying your preferred eye makeup.
  • Use a setting powder or a setting spray to completely set your whole face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need an under eye primer?

An under-eye primer assists in making your makeup last much longer by keeping it looking fresh. It also helps in protecting your makeup from fading. Moreover, if you want to go out and you do not want to wear makeup, you can still use an eye primer as it is an excellent no-makeup substitute.

Can you use a face primer as an eye primer?

You may use a face primer underneath your eyes as well, but using an under-eye primer is more recommended since it is particularly developed to treat issues including under-eye creases, wrinkles, and dark circles.

What do you put on under your eye before putting on makeup?

Under-eye concealer, often known as a color corrector, is a cosmetic product used to hide dark circles and blemishes under the eyes. It is commonly applied under the eyes before applying makeup. Under-eye concealer, unlike foundation, is not a full-coverage application. Its main goal is to cover discoloration and minimize the look of lines and wrinkles.

Do you apply eye primer before or after concealer?

Generally speaking, you should apply eye primer first before applying your under-eye concealer or color corrector. The under-eye primer is what you will always put before anything else, and that is what you will put first after cleansing your face.

Moreover, even though you can use concealer rather than an eye primer, this does not imply that they are interchangeable. An eye primer mainly prevents eye makeup from creasing by controlling oil. The primary purpose of concealers, on the other hand, is to balance out your skin tone by concealing discolorations and wrinkles.

Can I use Vaseline as an eye primer?

Unless you do not have oily skin, you may use Vaseline as your eye primer. Vaseline petroleum jelly will work well as an eyeshadow primer. It enables the color of the eyeshadow to appear brighter and last longer. However, if you have oily skin, using Vaseline as a primer would just make your face seem oilier.


Keep in mind that the area under your eyes is the most sensitive part of your face. It always reveals your age and level of tiredness. To counteract this, check the list of the top wrinkle-fighting products mentioned above, and you will find the best under eye primer for your skincare needs.

Additionally, ensure that the eye primer you will use contains organic ingredients and anti-aging properties. It should complement well with your skincare regimen. Your eye area requires extra care and attention. Hence, be sure to apply an eye primer into your routine to deeply hydrate and protect that delicate skin area.

There is an ideal under-eye primer for everyone; from colored to neutral, concealing to hydrating, and minimizing wrinkles to hiding dark circles. Simply apply your preferred one, apply eye makeup, dress up properly, flaunt your look, and always be confident!

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