21 Colorful Eyeshadow Looks for the Simple Joy of Making the Eyes Pop!

Neutral shades are safer, hence the go-to option for so many women. Applying neutral-toned eyeshadow colors is a part of daily routine as well as consistent palette choices.

But that doesn’t mean trying or experimenting with bright, bold, and vivid shadow colors is a bad thing. It may be a little dicey because then you don’t know which color combinations are going to look good on you.

In that sense, worry not because here are 21 approved (by professional makeup artists and top beauty influencers) colorful eyeshadow looks that I’m sure you’re going to feel really good about!

21 Colorful Eyeshadow Ideas That Are Definitely Scroll-Worthy!

1. Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue

A nice indigo blue across your eyelids can really make any outfit you put on look instantly very stylish. And blue’s a great way for steering away from your routine neutral shadow colors without being too experimental.

Plus, blue pigments on those lids are sure to make a statement without jeopardizing your makeup look.

2. Red-Winged Shadow

Red-Winged Shadow

Inspired by Katherine Langford’s red carpet look (starring in the very famous American teen drama series called ’13 Reasons Why’), this red-winged shadow, even though a little too subtle, is quite an exquisite trend nonetheless. And if you have blue eyes like Katherine, then even better!

The thing about eyeshadow is that it can be whatever shape you like, right? So the red-winged look is perfect as proof that color can look both innovative and fun.

Just trace the wing using red-colored eyeliner and then apply the same red eyeshadow over your lids to keep the liner in place for the longest time.

3. Blushed Out

Blushed Out

Now, how about multipurpose makeup for your eyes, cheeks, and lips! A very natural-looking, refreshing monochromatic look for women who simply want to opt for a single color that day. And blushed tones work well at such times. The best part about it all is that you can create this monochromatic blushed-out or pink look in just under 5 minutes only!

4. Citrus Passion

Citrus Passion

If you want to know the best eye makeup look that goes with orange lipstick, it’s this one right here. Truly one of the best bright colored eyeshadow looks, and also the most daring no doubt, this scheme of eyeshadow palette (variations from the same family of colors – citrus orange shades) is the most effective way to try on something experimental.

You may fail at the first attempt to create something that looks state-of-the-art but you keep at it until you achieve the pop of color that looks just about right on you.

5. Prom-Inspired Lilac Haze

Prom-Inspired Lilac Haze

A blend of lilac and violet creates a very gorgeous, prom-appropriate shade. It’s a feminine look that can really bring out green or hazel colored eyes. You can contour a deeper violet shade in your crease and just let the lighter lilac color on your lids hog the limelight.

And another thing that’s amazing – this ‘prom-inspired lilac haze’ eye makeup look needs no liner to stand out (although you can wear liner if you like).

6. A Sea Foam of Colors

A Sea Foam of Colors

Simple bright eyeshadow looks have to include the blue palette. Blue, not so surprisingly, is a very complimentary and universal shadow shade. You can choose from a sea of blue colors – baby blue, navy blue, teal, jewel-toned shades even, and more.

Like Dua Lipa’s bold and bright sea foam of colors, paint your eyelids blue. And you can mix blue and jewel-toned green, blend them out till it all starts to look unified. And don’t fret to pull off these sea foam shades all around the eyes, including those lower lashes as well (eyeshadow under-eye tutorial) for a more complete look.

7. Magical, Dreamy Metallics

Magical, Dreamy Metallics

Cosmic-inspired, mystical metallic shades that look shimmery enough, so your eyes appear to be dazzling with that desirable luster. The best way for trying out dreamy metallics is to purchase a mini metallic crystal eyeshadow palette.

Your metallic look doesn’t have to be as abstract, instead you can just blend two shades if that suits your style more. The point here is to experiment with new colors other than your everyday neutral shades!

8. Electric Orange or Vivid Tangerine

Electric Orange or Vivid Tangerine

Avant-garde eye makeup look for sure, orange lids donned by Shailene Woodley here look quite electric.

To attain that level of pigment as well as saturation, make sure to apply liquid-based eyeshadow or a powder-based one with a damp brush. Patting shadow pigments on a wet eyeshadow brush or applicator actually works when it comes to making shadow colors appear to be brighter i.e. more pigmented and longer-lasting.

Bursts of bright tangerine are sure to frame your eyes and, at the same time, it all looks very fun and vividly colorful

9. Sweet, Refreshing Fuchsia Eyes

Sweet, Refreshing Fuchsia Eyes

The most colorful eyeshadow palettes are all about fuchsia. So blend that fresh, pretty shadow all over your eyelids, crease, and even cheeks and see how it goes with every outfit for just about any occasion.

And wing your liner with this one for symmetry and to make down-turned or droopy eyes look more perky and elongated.

10. Sparkly, Shimmery Pink

Sparkly, Shimmery Pink

You can achieve one of the most attractive subtle colorful eyeshadow looks even with shimmery pink if you choose the pretty pale kind like Miranda Kerr here has done. Otherwise, sparkle to your heart’s content with the pink of your choice. Add more texture and color with neon liquid-based eyeliner.

11. Mint Tones With Pastel Finish

Mint Tones With Pastel Finish

How about some mint green and mint blue shades? Pair up this minty combination with a delicate, exotic pastel finish. This particular eye makeup look is surely light and refreshing AND full of color.

You can also choose any other mint color of your choice as long as it makes your eyes pop instantly. Apply lightly from the inside corner toward the middle with a small-sized, angled brush. And then extend the same shade around and down to the lower lash. Finish off with black liner on your upper eyelids.

12. Warm Rusty Eyeshadow

Warm Rusty Eyeshadow

Rust is never a good thing on jewelry, right? But rust on your eyelids as makeup surely is if you know how to do it right. Rusty colors are quite blendable, hence workable. They look incredibly flattering and when applied properly (using a contouring brush) all over the upper lid and on the bottom lash line, it can really frame your eye in the most perfect manner.

On top of that, the subtle shade of rust, even though colorful, is neutral (thus, not too dicey or experimental to try) because it lies between bright, flashy colors like reddish-orange and brown.

13. Give Me Red!

Give Me Red!

One of the best colorful eyeshadow looks on dark skin, fair skin, and everything in between is none other than, and quite surprisingly, RED. You can keep it subtle or go RED HOT, it’s all your choice.

Just layer on some red on your lids, which doesn’t take much time or effort since you’re only just applying one color, and keep your other makeup very basic to allow the red to shine through.

But do avoid the mistake of putting on too much all at once. First, start slow and steady, meaning apply a small amount at a time and then build on those layers.

14. Metallic Violet

Metallic Violet

Purple shadows can never go wrong so long as you’re choosing true purple, the color of royalty i.e. violet. Or in this case, that would be metallic violet.

With metallic violet, the purple can look a lot more exciting because of the added shine to it. Pat some of that shadow all across the eyelid and continue to do so until the desired vibrancy shines through. And then finish up using liquid liner and mascara.

15. Electric Feel

Electric Feel

Proof that neon eyeshadow colors can look both chic and just about right!

If you’re not so keen on going full-neon, then apply some smokey eyeshadow toward and in the crease area for contrasting the neon shade and balancing it all out. And there are quite a few bright, electric neon colors to try out!

16. Just Peachy

Just Peachy

If your current color crush is peach, know that it’s all for good reasons. Peach, after all, looks very flattering on EVERYONE. It looks quite creative and tasteful even when applied to not just eyes but just imagine peachy cheeks and peachy lips. Just the soft warmth your eyes, cheeks, and lips need, no matter your skin tone.

You can blend peach shadow on your lids as well as crease and then finish the look with liner on the top lash line and the bottom.

17. Miraculous Magenta

Miraculous Magenta

Almost purple, almost red, magenta is indeed a color that’s not quite one or the other. And this unique quality about it is the most alluring aspect in terms of appearance. Magenta is also a very versatile shade that looks edgy, vibrant, and soft but without being dark, neon-ish, or pink-ish.

You can get magenta in all kinds of blue and red undertones, all of which, no doubt, are universally flattering and dynamic. But if your skin tone is on the deeper side, choose a more saturated, richer magenta formula while fairer complexions should go with iridescent, softer shades.

18. Seductive Blue Hues

Seductive Blue Hues

Be it cerulean or sky blue, the whole spectrum of blue hues packs the lids with so much definition. You can also put on a softer, more pastel blue on your eyelids. And then contour those creases using a contrasting shade. Apply some shadow in your lower lash line as well and don’t leave out mascara.

19. Ray of Sunshine

Ray of Sunshine

It could be just the inner corner of your eyes that lend the bright, bold sunshine or you could simply just slap on this happy color all across your peepers for a complete glow-up. In the latter scenario, you can actually flaunt shades like buttery yellow, gold tones, neon-leaning colors, etc.

It’s not one of the most natural eyeshadow looks for sure but this one can really and instantly brighten up things on your face.

20. Shimmer Eyeshadow

Shimmer Eyeshadow

It’s a rookie mistake to not choose eyeshadow palettes based on your natural skin undertones. For instance, a cool toned palette is a more flattering choice for those with cool skin tones (marked by blue veins). Therefore, cool tones would be a more neutral color option but then that doesn’t mean you can’t try a shimmery finish instead of plain, old matte.

Shimmer eyeshadow, no matter its color tone, adds all the glitz and glamor you want to your lids for your special occasion.

21. Less Is NOT More, More Is More

Less Is NOT More, More Is More

When I say more, I mean bolder, brighter colors on your eyelids. Applying brighter eyeshadow shades, such as and especially pink, surely knows how to make your eyes pop instantly. You can blend this electric color on your lids as well as underneath your bottom lashes, so the whole eye makeup look really ties up together.

Skip liner by the way and just do the mascara bit!

How to Apply Colorful Eyeshadow?

If you’re planning on experimenting with different eyeshadow colors, then you better do it the right way. And here’s how…

Blend Properly

If you want your eyeshadow to look flawless, it’s a must to blend it properly. Especially with brighter colors, blending is very, very important to make sure that nothing looks “off” or wrong. Only when you blend the colors properly, you get a more subtle and natural look while also making the vibrancy of those shadow shades stand out.

Apply Eyeshadow On the Outer Corners

One technique that has proven to work when wearing colorful eyeshadow is choosing just a single spot on your lid for using the color. This obviously applies to those eye makeup looks that aren’t too colorful yet it makes your eyes instantly pop.

Put on a more neutral base into the crease, more like eyeshadow foundation. Then layer it on with the shadow color of your choice. Meaning apply a little bit of eyeshadow on those outer corners of the eyes, into the creases as well. And then you can build up that color until you get the desired intensity.

Combine Colorful Shades with Neutral Shades

Even though colorful, eyeshadow shades have to look a little more subtle and toned down. And you can make that happen quite effortlessly by mixing more vibrant shades with more neutral shades. This way, you get to make your eyes really pop while also ensuring that the makeup doesn’t look too loud.

Increase Eyeshadow Color Intensity

A bold eye makeup look can be attained simply by adding more intensity to that color. But how to increase eyeshadow pigmentation or intensity? Simply just apply your shadow on your lids with a damp eyeshadow or makeup brush. When the applicator is damp this way, it puts on a thicker coating for a more pigmented or intensified look.

Use Eyeshadow As Liner

Most women admit that their eye makeup is incomplete without the use of eyeliner. So why not swap your liner with your eyeshadow? For colorful eye makeup, use a bright-colored eyeshadow as a liner. It even looks gorgeous with more neutral shades of shadow on the lids.

Choose More Subtle for Day and More Colorful for Night

In the day, colors that are on the slightly lighter end of the spectrum seem to look better because they look more subtle. But during the night, you can spice things up by using more colorful, bright, and fun shades. So transition from day to night simply by layering or darkening the eyeshadow.


It’s only understandable if you always end up choosing the same old tried-and-tested i.e. neutral or safer colors for your eyeshadow. Nobody who can relate to this will ever blame you for doing so because nothing really beats that perfect, natural-looking makeup or even those classy smokey eyes. But then you can always add that pop of color too!

When neutral or everyday eye makeup looks get boring, it can be fun to try new, colorful shades. Makeup is all about experimenting with new colors, but these colors should also look gorgeous.

More importantly, colorful eyeshadow should look both subtle and attractive at the same time. And this is why I have made a whole list of 21 bright colored eyeshadow looks endorsed by professionals all across our colorful globe!

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