It was a natural fit for Joey New York to make the decision to get into the Injectable side of Beauty. Joey New York famous for being the first to make Beauty Products that offered Instant Gratification and 1 Minute Treatments in the early 90’s. Joey New York products were formulated as topicals to do what Injectables are doing now. This was all before Botox and Dermal Fillers became FDA approved.

Products such as Super Duper Lips, an all Natural Instant Lip Plumper (the first of its kind), Line Up, an Instant Line Plumper for Smile Lines and Forehead Wrinkles and Fill Your Time, an Instant Face Primer and Skin Plumper were sold to prestige beauty retailers such as Sephora, Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel and Nordstrom to name a few. These products went global, selling to many prestige specialty stores and department throughout the world.

Joey Chancis, CEO of Joey New York, believes that the Injectable Beauty Business is the Future of Beauty because through Injectables we can now achieve better results than ever before. Topicals are great to enhance or extend the life of Injectables for in-between appointments but you can’t compare the results.

“I am so passionate about this project and the joint venture with The LABB because it made perfect sense for me to evolve into this arena and perfect sense for the evolution of Joey New York as a company – pioneering and future thinking are always our focus.”

The Twist: The LABB philosophy – No Lasers, No Facials, No Peels. Just Injectables. We are not a dermatologist’s office or a med spa – We Are Masters at what do. It’s our Focus and We are the Best at it!